What should I do if my dog accidentally get pregnant?How can the owner help the dog to abandon?Can drug abortion?

Dog abortion is a hot topic. Some people think that they cannot kill a new little life, and some owners are not ready and cannot bear the responsibility of taking care of all dogs.Take it to abortion.This article does not discuss whether dogs should be abandoned for the time being, mainly focusing on different abortion methods, as well as matters that the owner needs to pay attention to with a dog abortion.Dogs to abortion are instead of its own needs as it is for human convenience. If your dog needs abortion, pay more attention to the following matters so that it will safely spend a special period.

Dogs living in the wild rarely have abortion to protect their health. Therefore, in other words, dog abortion is more convenient for the owner than the dog itself.Dogs usually need abortion because of accidental pregnancy. Some owners do not help the dog sterilize. When the dog is in estrus, let it go out and go out.Dogs go to abortion.Most people take dogs to pet hospitals for the help of veterinarians.

Most veterinary doctors will first consider removed the ovaries and uterus of the bitch, but most of this method is only suitable for bitches that are in the early stages of pregnancy (that is, the first month).There will be many risks for pregnant dogs to perform such surgery, which may be congested by blood vessels, and there will be anesthesia risk of anesthesia.If the abortion is near the due date, the puppies can only be euthed at this time because they have completely taken shape.

Technically, the veterinarian can induce labor to the bitch at any need.However, the sooner the dog is going to abandon, the better, otherwise you can choose a drug abortion at first, and only surgery can be performed later.

Can’t.The problem is not the efficacy of the drug, but in the process of lack of medical guidance and hurting the dog’s body.There are many side effects of people’s abortion medicines. After use, people will have different degrees of reactions, and the response of dogs’ bodies to drugs is different from people, and their acceptable doses and ingredients are also different.If you give a dog with medicine without authorization, you may hurt the dog’s body, and there will be many accidents. Dogs may be poisoned or risk of infection, and even pus in the uterus.

First of all, each veterinarian will first confirm whether the dog is pregnant, and a good way to confirm that the dog’s pregnancy is to perform uterine active and blood test at 25 days of pregnancy. If the diagnosis is negative, it should be confirmed again after a week.Some owners want dogs to retain the uterus and ovaries so that they can have the opportunity to breed in the future.Therefore, at this time, the method of abortion can be used, and the following drugs are usually used:




Linemine inhibitor

Oral estrogen


Prostaglandin F2α needs to be injected 3 times a day until all the fetus is successfully discharged from the body, and sometimes it needs to be injected for 14 days.The combination of this drug with prostaglandin in the vagina will help reduce the treatment time and secondary symptoms (nausea, diarrhea, restlessness, trembling).However, the dose must be strictly controlled, and the chance of excess is high.


It can only be used within 45 days of pregnancy.The first 48 -hour injection is injected once a day, and then it is injected every 2 weeks a week, a total of 4 times.Symptoms may have severe symptoms after 20-30 days of pregnancy, including flowing out of fetus, blood loss, anorexia and breast congestion.


It is administered in the form of a pill, and it may take more than 10 days after the 30th day of pregnancy, which may take more than 10 days.Dicemethon is a cortical steroid that there will be corresponding risks (immune system suppression, susceptible infection, excessive water intake and urination, restlessness, and continuous hunger).Symptoms of Xin’s disease.It is not recommended that a female dog with diabetes or Ku Xin disease receives this drug treatment.

Linemine inhibitor

It can be used for the second half of pregnancy. Solointectorosis or combination with prostaglandin can improve the efficacy. Oral treatment is needed every day, and it continues to work until the drug.

Oral estrogen

It can only be used in the first few days of pregnancy, but it will greatly increase the risk of uterine pus. The accu ‘pus is a uterine infection that may be life -threatening.Most veterinary doctors avoid this method because it brings great risks.

It should be noted that no drug can meet all the following drug standards: it can be administered at any stage of estrus or at any stage of pregnancy, 100%effective, does not cause vaginal secretions, no side effects, does not damage future fertility and low pricesEssence

No matter what method is used, the bitch will feel uncomfortable for a period of time after abortion.For example, after the last time it is taken, anticerone can stay in the body for about 24 days, because they are lipophytic, and the side effects will last for a long time after abortion.Therefore, the owner needs to provide the dog with a quiet, clean and comfortable environment, and pay attention to signs of nausea and anorexia.To supplement the dog enough nutrients, let it consume sufficient water, especially after the use of dexamethasone.If surgery is performed, antibiotics and anti -inflammatory drugs should be prepared at home. At the same time, the owner should pay special attention to keeping the stitching clean and drying, and observe the dog’s vaginal secretion.

The above are the issues that the owner should pay attention to before the abortion, but it is best not to let the dog be reached the point where you need abortion. This will always hurt the dog’s body.Looking at it, it will be better than bringing it to induction of labor.

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