What should I do if my aunt is here?

Auntie is a kind of relative’s title. The aunt refers to her mother’s sister, and her aunt is used for her mother’s sisters. She is a respect for the elders.But now it has become another saying in menstruation.The younger generation of women prefer to use this word to replace menstruation.Therefore, now the aunt has become a new generation of menstruation.

Menstruation is a physiological cycle and a special symbol of women entering maturity and fertility.After women enter the physiological maturity, every month or so, an independent thickening of the endometrium occurs, blood vessel hyperplasia, glandular growth secretion, and endometrial collapse and fall off and accompany the periodic changes in bleeding.This periodic reproductive tract bleeding or uterine bleeding is called menstruation, and modern women are called "big aunt".

Menstruation is adjusted by the interaction between the three reproductive hormones, the pituitary gland, and the ovaries. In the menstrual period and proliferation period in the menstrual cycle, the level of estradiol and progesterone in the blood is very low, which is the glandular pituitary andThe weakening or elimination of the negative feedback effect of the hypothalamus has led to an increase in the secretion of hormone to promote gonadotropin release of hormones, and then the number of follicle stimulatory and luteal formin secreted by the gonad body increased, and the baby develops follicles, and the estrogen secretion gradually increases.At this time, estrogen stimulates the endometrium to enter the proliferation period.The luteal formation increases the secretion of progesterone and leads to ovulation.After the estrogen and progesterone levels of ovulation are increased, the hypothalamus and gonadal glandular pitules have been produced to inhibit the enhanced effect, so the ovulation estrogen and luteal formin levels are reduced, resulting in luteal degeneration, and then the level of estrogen and progesterone levels will be reduced.EssenceThe endometrium loses the support of estrogen and progesterone and peels and bleeds, which is bleeding, which is called menstruation.

Women’s stomach pain during menstruation is a common symptom of many women complaining.There are pre -menstrual symptoms or post -menstrual symptoms; most of the pain during menstruation, commonly known as dysmenorrhea.Clinically divided into two types: primary and secondary dysmenorrhea.The reproductive system does not have a lesion during primary pain, mainly because the symptoms of stomach pain cause stomach pain when the endometrium secretes too much endometrium during menstruation.

Secondary stomach pain refers to the germ system caused by organic lesions, such as common uterine fibroids, endometrial polyps, endometriosis, uterine adenomy muscle, endometriosis and other diseases.Causes stomach pain during menstruation.

First of all, it is necessary to rule out whether it is primary or secondary pain.

1. The primary belly, if the examination is diagnosed as a prostaglandin secretion, you can take drugs that suppress prostate secretion under the guidance of a doctor, which can help relieve or eliminate the pain of the stomach.

2. If the stomach pain caused by pathological causes, the treatment of symptoms or surgical treatment should be performed under the guidance of a doctor to help eliminate symptoms.

Potal pain during menstruation requires specific analysis and diagnosis according to the condition to accurately treat symptoms.Because it is not a aunt’s stomach pain, it must be dysmenorrhea. For example, every menstrual period is accompanied by stomach pain every time. In most cases, it has a certain relationship with menstruation.However, if you have stones, pelvic inflammatory disease, urinary tract infection and other diseases in the past, you may cause stomach pain.If the previous menstruation is irregular or regular, the time of the menstrual tide is less than the bleeding, accompanied by abdominal pain, and the color of the bleeding is dark red and a small amount of dripping, etc., you must consider other problems and seek medical treatment in time.

During menstruation, many women are also protecting themselves, but some women do not know how to protect them.Medicine believes that women are smooth during menstruation, and at this time, we must pay attention to protecting the body to ensure that the menstrual period is normal.So how to protect it?

1. Maintain a good mood. Most female friends will have a small change during menstruation. The most obvious manifestations are irritability and endocrine disorders.normal.

2. Do not eat cold and spicy foods before menstruation or during menstruation, because these foods can cause menstrual disorders and cause abdominal pain.

3. During the menstrual period, coffee is banned, because coffee has the function of expanding blood vessels, improves the effect of blood circulation, can make the menstrual blood flow out to a certain extent, and it also has the effect of stimulating nerve excitement.A series of diseases occur.

When the aunt is coming, the pain of the stomach is sometimes not a pathological pain. It needs to be distinguished clearly. I will not distinguish between doing well and distinguish between seeking medical treatment and helping to solve your doubts.

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