What should I do if I have vaginitis and do not want to be affected by my baby.May wish to see these 3 points

Vaginitis is a type of gynecological disease that many women often suffer from. Because of its high incidence, everyone is no wonder.

But sometimes, for example, if you are in pregnancy, if you have been detected to suffer from vaginitis, it may make women very worried, whether it will affect the baby, and do not know if it can be treated with medication.

So, what should I do if I have vaginitis during pregnancy and I don’t want to suffer from my baby. What should I do?These three common sense can understand or benefit early.

1. Will it suffer from vaginitis during pregnancy?

Before you figure out this problem, everyone needs to correct a misunderstanding, that is, after pregnancy, the physical resistance of women during pregnancy will be enhanced because of the existence of babies. To a certain extent, it will reduce the chance of the onset of vaginitis.

In fact, germs may be infected during pregnancy or non -pregnancy.In other words, no matter if you are pregnant or not, vaginitis, you should come, and will not "detour" because it is a woman during pregnancy.

2. What are the effects of vaginitis during pregnancy?

As far as pregnant women are concerned, if it is determined to suffer from vaginitis, it will definitely affect physical health.

Generally speaking, when itching such as private parts, pregnant women may not help but scratch them. If there is a phenomenon such as broken skin and infection in the private parts, it will further increase the vaginal inflammation.

In addition, the impact of vaginal inflammation on the baby is also very great. Early in the early stage, pioneering abortion, embryo stopping, or premature fetal membrane breakdown.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the vaginitis during pregnancy, whether it is for the pregnant woman itself or the abdominal fetus, it is a hidden safety hazard that cannot be ignored. Everyone needs to attract high attention and cannot be left without any.

Especially for pregnant mothers who are less than 12 weeks of pregnancy, this time is critical. It may be a little bit windy, which will affect the baby. Therefore, it is best to avoid some factors that may induce vaginal inflammation and prevent it early.

3. How should vaginitis be prevented during pregnancy?

Some pregnant mothers feel that the use of vaginal inflammation during pregnancy is definitely not good, because it will be unfavorable to the baby’s health.

So, can you use medicine during pregnancy?

The answer is yes.

There is absolutely no medical time during pregnancy. Generally speaking, as long as you master the correct way, you can reduce the harm of drugs to pregnant women and babies.

So, which drugs can be used during the pregnant mothers suffer from vaginitis?

For example, clonazole vagazole, Dakinin, etc. These drugs are effective drugs for treating moldy vaginitis. They generally do not cause adverse effects on the baby, so they can be used.

Of course, in addition to the control of drugs, it is also important for pregnant mothers to maintain the hygiene of private parts.Because the private parts are not hygienic, the risk of infection will increase, and the chance of vaginitis will increase greatly.

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