What should I do if I have uterine fibroids during pregnancy?

It is the most common benign tumor for female genitals. It consists of smooth muscle and connective tissue. It is common in women aged 30 to 50.Pregnant mothers who appear pregnant with uterine fibroids accounted for more than 0.3%-0.5%of all pregnant mothers. The fibroids during pregnancy rapidly increased, and red-like changes were prone to occur.The fibroids will gradually narrow after childbirth.Although uterine fibroids are benign tumors, if pregnant mothers have this condition, they still need to pay attention.

Uterine fibroids may occur during various periods of pregnancy, and the types and sizes of fibroids are different, so the impact will also be different.Both subdivis of mucosal fibroids and muscle walls may cause abortion; fibroids with lower growth positions will prevent the tire first exposed part, resulting in incorrect fetal position, placental low or front, early placenta, early placenta, early pregnancy, early pregnancy.Dipping or obstruction of the production channel eventually leads to difficulty in childbirth or poor uterine contraction, causing major bleeding.In addition, uterine fibroids can also lead to premature birth and other mattress complications in pregnant mothers.

The treatment of uterine fibroids is also different due to the stage of pregnancy:

In the early pregnancy, if the fibroids are small or there are no other symptoms, it is generally not specially treated. If the fibroids are large and may cause various complications, our doctor will inform the pregnant mother’s risk and the pregnant mother requires an artificial abortion in an artificial abortion in the pregnant mother.In the case, the fibroids will be removed after end pregnancy.

In the middle and late pregnancy, fibroids are generally not advocated, but conservative treatment is used to prevent premature birth. At the same time, other complications are monitored. Conservative treatment will not consider surgery.

But if the pregnant mother has the following situations, the surgery must be considered:

The growth of fibroids quickly and obstructing pregnancy; before the fibroids caused multiple abortion; fibroids tires, fibroids, or uterine torsion occur; fibroid necrosis, red -like changes, and conservative treatment are invalid; muscle cannot be distinguished.Tumor and substantial tumors; fibroids have ruptured bleeding.

Overall, we are based on the advice of doctors.If the pregnant mother checks the uterine fibroids, she should pay more attention to observing the physical condition from themselves.In addition to the foundation of the foundation, the number of delivery examinations may be increased according to the specific situation. This must also be cooperated with the doctor.

Is there so much harm to uterine fibroids. Can’t the pregnant mothers who have uterine fibroids be given birth?

This is not the case.Most of the pregnant mothers with pregnancy with uterine fibroids can give birth, just pay attention to prevent postpartum bleeding.However, if the fibroids are too large or are located in the lower section of the uterus, it hinders the fetal decline, or the placenta is planted on the surface of the fibroids, then it is prone to danger during childbirth. ThereforeSafety.During the cesarean section, doctors will also determine whether the fibroids and mothers need to remove fibroids and uterus at the same time according to the size, location and pregnant mothers.

The above is today’s content. If you have a pregnant mothers in uterine fibroids, don’t worry too much. It is the most important thing to check and cooperate with treatment in time.

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