What should I do if I have rhinitis after pregnancy?Xiaobian helps you combine the very practical method to take away

When a woman is pregnant, the whole family will be proud.However, if you have rhinitis during pregnancy, it is troublesome.Do expectant mothers understand rhinitis during pregnancy? Do you know the symptoms of rhinitis? Only when you are familiar with the symptoms of rhinitis during pregnancy can you take steps as soon as possible.So what are the nursing methods for rhinitis during pregnancy? How to scientifically prevent rhinitis during pregnancy?

What is rhinitis during pregnancy

Rhinitis during pregnancy generally refers to the phenomenon of nasal mucosal congestion or swelling of the nasal mucosa during pregnancy. The general symptoms are nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, and nosebleeds.

Rhinitis during pregnancy is a relatively common disease, and it is not caused by a cold. In many cases, it is a physiological symptom that occurs due to changes in hormone secretion during pregnancy. Many expectant mothers have experienced during pregnancy.Rhinitis during pregnancy is extremely common in three months in the third trimester.Therefore, this situation does not have to worry about expectant mothers, because under normal circumstances, rhinitis during pregnancy will gradually be relieved after childbirth.

Is it common to have nasal congestion for pregnant women?

In fact, about 20%of pregnant moms have poor nasal ventilation and nasal hemorrhage during pregnancy, especially in the last 3 months.Nasal congestion during pregnancy is not all suffering from a cold. Studies show that most of the pregnancy -oriented nasal congestion is caused by multiple hormones secreted by the endocrine system to stimulate the nasal mucosa, which causes the nasal mucosa blood vessels to be congested and swollen.Once childbirth, nasal congestion and nose bleeding disappear without leaving sequelae.Therefore, don’t be too nervous.

If the symptoms of the nasal congestion are severe, it cannot be rubbed hard, because the nasal blood vessels are congested and thicker at this time, and it is easy to be stimulated to rupture and bleeding.Once bleeding, you need to pinch your nose with your hands to stop the bleeding quickly. If it is difficult to stop, you can plug a small group of clean cotton balls in the nostril, press for 5-10 minutes and cover the nasal column;Frequent occurrences should go to the hospital to check in time, and pay attention to check whether it is accompanied by diseases such as hypertrophy and pregnancy hemangioma.

At this time, you can use a hot towel to apply your nose or smoke the nose with hot vapor, which can relieve symptoms.Remember not to use nasal dripping drugs, such as ephedrine, nasal dripping, etc., especially pregnant mumans with hypertrophy, because ephedrine drugs can make blood pressure higher and increase the impact on the fetus; do not use at will at will;Hormone, anti -historia, etc. are anti -allergic, so as not to be bad for fetal baby after taking. If the condition needs non -drug, it must be used under the guidance and suggestions of the doctor.

Is it possible for pregnant women’s nasal congestion?

If you have no symptoms other than nasal congestion, it may be just the cause of pregnancy. You have rhinitis during pregnancy.However, if the nasal congestion is also accompanied by sneezing, cough, sore throat, mild body discomfort or tonsil swelling, and fever, it may be a cold or other infections.

In addition, if you still have symptoms such as sneezing, eyes, nose, throat, or ears, you may be allergic.Pregnancy will aggravate your allergies, or make you sensitive to those stimulus that have never reacted before.

Of course, the cause of the nasal congestion of pregnant women is not always clear, and there are more than one cause of nasal congestion in pregnant women.For example, you may have rhinitis during pregnancy, but at the same time have allergies.

Can pregnant women take medicine?

If pregnant women have a bad nasal congestion, you should go to the doctor and ask the doctor what drugs you can take with confidence.Generally speaking, you better avoid taking any drugs in early pregnancy, because the fetal organs were formed at that time.

If it is a light cold, when it is sneezing, runny nose and mild cough, no special treatment is required. You can also drink some juice drinks to drink plenty of water to increase the content of vitamin C. Dilute the concentration of bacteria and viruses; orPour hot water around 42-60 ° C in the tea cup, place your mouth and nose in the inner mouth of the tea cup, and constantly inhale the hot steam. Several times a day, a few days will be better.If the medication should be taken as appropriate under the guidance of a doctor.If necessary, you can take Chinese medicines, such as silver -colored poison tablets, Banlan root granules, cold granules, etc., which are better.If the cold is heavier and pregnant women have severe cough, chest tightness, fever, etc., they should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

How to relieve rhinitis during pregnancy

1. Daily attention

Pregnant women should drink plenty of water in normal times, and their heads can be higher while sleeping at night to ensure smooth breathing during sleep.

2. Use steam

The steam of "clouds and mist" has a very good effect on alleviating the symptoms of rhinitis, especially it is helpful for alleviating nasal congestion.When the nasal congestion, you can use hot water to wet the towel and breathe towards the towel, or you can breathe the face at the water basin of the hot water.

3. Moisturizing air

Pregnant women suffer from rhinitis to maintain a moderate nasal cavity, so it can be humidified with a humidifier in the room to keep the room moisture appropriate, especially when sleeping at night, because this can relieve the symptoms of rhinitis.However, be sure to replace the water in the humidifier every day, and change the filter of the humidifier regularly to keep the humidifier clean to prevent bacteria from breeding and aggravate the symptoms of rhinitis.

4. Avoid stimuli

The stimulus includes tobacco and alcohol, spicy food, and of course, as well as weather changes and air conditions. For example, effective measures should be taken to avoid cold air and air pollution.

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