What should I do if I have kidney stones during pregnancy?

What should I do if I have kidney stones during pregnancy? The doctor tells you:

Pregnancy is a complex state. Physiological and mechanical changes have changed the risk factor for the formation of kidney stones.When pregnant women suffer from acute kidney stones, the situation is more complicated than unwell women.

1. Personalized nutritional support

Pregnant women rest and drink plenty of water. Nursing staff make appropriate adjustments based on the content of the pregnant woman’s diet to ensure the daily nutritional intake of pregnant women.Do a good job of nutritional supply, test the quality of pregnant women regularly, observe the appearance of pregnant women, and adjust the nutritional supply standards.

2. Looking forward to treatment is generally first -line treatment

Summary choice for appropriate drinking water, multi -activity, observing whether stones can be discharged naturally.

3. Selection of analgesic drugs

Most of the analgesic drugs used in ordinary people are disabled among pregnant women.Suslinyline and progesterone have been applied in clinical application for many years, and no reports of adverse incidents of pregnant women and fetuses have not been found, indicating that they are currently safe to pregnant women and fetuses.

4. Ultrasonic examination is the first diagnostic method for pregnant women

For kidney stones, ultrasound can not only detect the specific location, size and quantity of stones, but also find whether there is no kidney accumulated water and measure the thickness of the kidney essence at the same time, so it can make preliminary judgments on kidney function.Ultrasonic examination is the first choice. Low -dose CT and MRI can be used as a second -line inspection method.

5. Surgery choice

If stones do not appear complications during pregnancy, close observation should be given, and it should be treated after delivery.If complications occur, ureteral stent enrollment is the safest and most minimalist treatment method. It is also an effective method for the skin renal puncture fistula. However, it has the risk of bleeding.Essence

6. Institutional wavestone and meridian renal mirrors are taboo during pregnancy

Shock waves can cause abortion, congenital deformities, slow intra -palace development, and placental displacement.Peridum mirror mosaid (PCNL) usually requires longer surgery time. It is usually in the piercing position of patients, more aggressive, and has a higher total complications.

(Author: Wang Miaoqin, Zhang Wuxing. The 8th Medical Center of the General Hospital of the PLA)

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