What should I do if I have hypertension during pregnancy?Experts teach you how to take antihypertensive drugs

Pregnant women have high blood pressure and should not claim to use antihypertensive drugs.Because some drugs have the adverse reactions of teratogenic/mutations, it may have a serious impact on the fetus in the abdomen.

ACEI and ARB are disabled for pregnancy.Taking early pregnancy can cause fetal cardiovascular malformations; taking and late pregnancy may lead to decreased placental blood flow, too little amniotic fluid, limited growth in the fetus, renal failureBone development is incomplete.

Most patients with hypertension during pregnancy should be used with caution or diuretics, especially patients with early eclampsia. If diuretics can be used to worsen the disease.Diuretics are only suitable for patients with hypertension during pregnancy with left heart failure or water sodium retention, and a few (about 1%) blood capacity.

The β -blocker Labelol does not affect the growth and development of the fetus, and can be selected first.Usage: 50 ~ 150 mg orally, 3 to 4 times/day; intravenous injection: the initial dose of 20 mg, if the voltage of the initial dose is 20 minutes, the dose is doubled, and the maximum single dose is 80 mg, until the blood pressure is controlled, the daily maximum dailyThe total dose is 220 mg; intravenous dripping: 50 ~ 100 mg add 5%glucose solution 250-500 ml, adjust the drip speed according to the blood pressure, and change the mouth after blood pressure stabilize.

Puylol can enter the fetus through the placenta. Some reports can cause the fetal fetus in the palace to be slow. Pregnant women are unable to cause dystocia during childbirth. Newborns may experience hypotension, hypoglycemia, respiratory suppression and slow heart rate.There is no effect on the fetus, but it must be used with caution and should not be used as a first -line treatment for pregnant women.

Metolol is a graded C -Class for pregnancy and medication. It is available if necessary, but it is D -Class D in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.

Although Antolol is safer after 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is still not recommended.

CCB has a report that it can lead to fetal Tibin -shaped, which can inhibit the shrinkage of uterine smooth muscles. At present, such drugs are not advocated in early and late pregnancy, which can be used in the middle of pregnancy.

Penzide is a direct expansion of vascular drugs, which has obvious expansion effect on small arteries, and the decrease of diastolic pressure has decreased significantly.At the same time, it can increase or maintain cerebral blood flow, kidney blood flow and placenta irrigation.

Metico is an extremely ideal antihypertensive drug for patients with hypertension in pregnancy and after childbirth. It can be taken for a long time and is safe and effective for mothers and children.The common amount is 0.25 ~ 1.0 g/times, 2 times a day.Orally achieved the peak of effect, and the effect lasted for 24 hours.

Attached. 2018 China Hypertension Prevention Guide Revisory Edition:

Recommended drugs are recommended: methylopaba, Labelol, Metolol, hydrochlorozine, nifedine, and lychin.

Severe pregnancy can be selected for intravenous medication or intramuscular injection of intramuscular injection: Labelo, Uradier, Nica Horizon.Because sodium nitrogen can increase the risk of fetal cyanide poisoning, it is not recommended to use it. Unless it can be considered unless other drugs are not effective, it should not be applied even if it must be applied for more than 3 days.

ACEI, ARB, and renin inhibitors have adverse reactions such as teratogenic reactions and are disabled for patients with pregnancy hypertension.

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