What should I do if I have diarrhea for one week?

In daily life, pregnancy is very hard.The supporter knows the grace of his parents. Many people are particularly careful because they have no experience in pregnancy.What should I do if my diarrhea is diarrhea for a week? What should I do for a week of pregnancy? The editor of Wed114 Wedding Network will bring you detailed content.

What to do if I have diarrhea for a week of pregnancy

Drink more warm water

Pulling the diarrhea will lead to the lack of moisture and electrolyte in the body, so the pregnant woman can drink more warm water for a week of diarrhea, and add some salt to the water (it is better not to taste the salty taste).It can effectively supplement the loss of electrolytes and moisture. When the moisture and electrolyte in the body reaches saturated, they will not be diarrhea.

keep warm

Most slightly diarrhea is caused by cold, so pregnant women must pay attention to keeping warm in daily warmth. You can use a hot water bottle to make the stomach hot. Be careful not to be too hot. Wrap the hot water bottle on the stomach with a towel.About a quarter of an hour has a certain effect on the diarrhea of the cold.When you apply hot compresses, prepare a bowl of brown sugar ginger water, and warm the stomach will be more effective.

Eat diarrhea food

You ca n’t take medicine casually when you are pregnant. You can try dietary therapy to stop diarrhea.You can drink more millet porridge when you are pregnant, which not only nourishes the stomach, but also has an auxiliary effect on anti -diarrhea; or a small piece of carrot soup, insist on drinking every day, will not affect the health of the fetus, but also effectively reduce the symptoms of diarrhea; in fact, the most most most.Good diarrhea foods are steamed apples. They not only have the effects of absorbing mold and toxins, but also have the effect of convergence and diarrhea. It is suitable for pregnant women to stop diarrhea.

Listen to the doctor’s advice

If the diarrhea is severe and the food therapy method is not used, you need to go to the hospital immediately. When you listen to the doctor’s advice, you must not take medicine yourself.”P”副”E”

Precautions for diarrhea for one week of pregnancy

When diarrhea is diarrhea for a week, you must pay attention to your nutrition, so you must pay attention to your diet.

1. Drink plenty of water, eat more millet, do not eat spicy food and cold and greasy food.

2. Eat at least one kind of vitamin C food every day, including: citrus, grapes, strawberries, broccoli, honey, green peppers, tomatoes and green mustard.

3. Eat at least one kind of folic acid -rich foods every day, including: dark green vegetables, calfs, beans.Women who are pregnant need 400 micrograms of folic acid every day to prevent neonatal defects such as spine bales

4. Eat at least one kind of food rich in vitamin A the next day, including carrots, pumpkin, spinach, cabbage, beets, almonds and cantaloupe.

5. Eat or drink at least four dairy products and high -calcium foods to help you get 1200 mg of calcium in your daily diet.Eat at least three iron -rich foods a day to ensure that you get 30 mg of iron from your daily diet.”P”副”E”

What to do for a week of pregnancy

One week of pregnancy checking items: Determine pregnancy

For a week of pregnancy, you may not be sure if you are pregnant, but some changes in your body indicate that you are pregnant.So at this time, you might as well go to the pharmacy to buy a commercially available early pregnancy test strip to test it yourself, or go directly to the obstetrics and gynecology department, and please check for you to determine whether you are pregnant.

Precautions for birth check -up for 1 week of pregnancy

Pay attention to ectopic pregnancy for one week of pregnancy.Due to various reasons, the fertilized eggs came out of the fork during the migration process, did not reach the uterus, but stayed elsewhere, which became an ectopic pregnancy.The fetus did not bed in the uterus, but developed in a narrow fallopian tube. After that, the fallopian tube ruptured, causing major bleeding.This disease threatens the life of the fetus, but also threatens the life of the mother.Therefore, during pregnancy examination, we must be alert to ectopic pregnancy.

How to use early pregnancy test strips

1. Use a disposable urinary cup or clean container to collect urine.

2. Open the test strip outer packaging and place the urine -like at the same room temperature.

3. Insert the urine -oriented end of the test strip. Note that there is a line marked with MAX on the test strip. Do not exceed the MAX wire, but not too shallow, so as not to affect the detection.

4, 3-10 seconds take out the flat release.You will find that the urine is gradually soaked upwards and slowly immersed in the detection and control areas (that is, a white area).

5. Within 5 minutes, you will see the effect. The changes in the detection area and the control area are the sign of whether you are pregnant.A red stripe strap appears on the test strip and the control area, which indicates that it is pregnant; only a red strip strap appears in the test strip.It means that there are no ribbons on the test strip detection and control areas, indicating that the detection is invalid.

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