What should I do if I have acne on my face during pregnancy?You can easily get rid of acne at the bottom of knowing the roots

During pregnancy, a large number of estrogen in the body increases, which can cause many skin problems, such as the skinless skin, pregnancy spots on the face, strong oil secretion, acne, etc.It is necessary to care for special care. Many women are afraid of using skin care products, and the existing hormones will hurt the baby in the belly.So, is there a good way for pregnant women to protect skin skin care?Let’s introduce to all expectant mothers today.

Don’t use skin care products

After women are pregnant, the skin care products are likely to affect the development of the fetus in the abdomen. Skin care products containing hormone ingredients are resolutely unavailable. Proclaimed, spices, and pigments will also affect the skin sensitivity of pregnant women.Some expectant mothers use some baby baby creams during pregnancy. This is wrong. Baby cream is designed for the skin condition of infants and young children, which cannot meet the nutrition required for women’s skin during pregnancy.Specific mothers should choose the skin care water and milk of pure plants, try not to make makeup, and do not use product that is more irritating.

Basic skin care must be done well

During pregnancy, due to the rise in hormones in the body, women often sweat, and the skin’s moisture will be very volatile. Expectant mothers should pay more attention to replenishing the skin and moisturizing.Wash your face as soon as possible after sweating, because when sweating, the skin pores will be opened, and the dirt in the air will easily adsorb on the skin, causing oil to block and acne.When the pregnant mother is cleaning the face, try to use warm water as much as possible, so that the dirt on the face is easy to clean the face. After washing the face, use the basic water milk after washing the face, so that the skin will not become dry quickly.

Pay attention

Specific mothers avoid eating heavy food during pregnancy. In order to be healthy and healthy, they can also be beautiful during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must control their mouth.Some expectant mothers also experience dermatitis and hair loss during pregnancy. This seriously affects the beauty. In order to alleviate this symptom, expectant mothers can eat nutrients rich in vitamin B6, B12, B5, and B3Fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sleep time is sufficient

Beauty is really not casual. People with good sleep quality will not be worse.At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, the oil is the most vigorous stage. The skin is easy to be dull and acne. The expectant mothers are best to enter sleep at 11 o’clock.good.

There are people who love beauty. Even after women are pregnant, they hope to spend beautifully during pregnancy. This requires expectant mothers to better care for their skin.All day long.

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