What should I do if I get pregnant with a ring?Give mothers a sad suggestion

Since the opening of the second child, many regions have not needed to check the ring, but there are many mothers who have been pregnant with the second child before taking the ring.

If the contraceptive ring is not suitable or shifted in the uterine cavity, it is prone to pregnancy. The chance is about 10%-15%.The contraceptive ring is placed in the uterus as a foreign body, and the fertilized eggs are interfered with the bed to play a contraceptive effect.However, no matter the length of the loop, it will cause more or less damage to the endometrium, which is very unfavorable to the growth and development of the fetus.

My hometown is pregnant with a ring, and after taking contraceptives, I have no flow at all, and it is all born, because the old family thinks that it is okay.To do the B -ultrasound around the sky, the doctor’s report reads: The back of the uterus is slightly larger, and the 1.3X1.9cm gestational sac echo is seen in the uterine cavity.I asked my experienced friends at home: "Bringing the ring for pregnancy, can I want this child?" The family members suggested: "Just like normal pregnancy like the first child, it will be good to see if the ring will fall. NoTake it when you drop it! "Take it when you are born!"

But doctors advocate that it is advisable to terminate pregnancy as soon as possible.Due to contraception, the incidence of ectopic pregnancy and natural abortion is high. There are many people with bleeding, dead tires, and premature births before giving birth. There are possibility of compression and affecting embryonic development, and there are cycles that occur in the carcass.Because abortion surgery is less damage to the body within 3 months of pregnancy, the better the abortion is getting better.

Netizens said that too:

I disregarded the opposition of my family and stayed. In my family, I seemed to be a small topic. Although I was also very heartbroken, I still disappeared. Everything was normal.What kind of situation will really blame yourself for a lifetime.In the end, no contraceptive method is 100%. Bringing pregnancy is adversely affected by the pregnant mother and the future development of the baby. In order to think about the next generation, the fetus must not be required!

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