What should I do if I encounter an epidemic?

During the epidemic, the community was closed, and whether the beauties in the house were unspeakable, the "big aunt" was postponed, nausea and vomiting, appetite, dizziness, and weak dizziness.Faced with such discomfort, are you worried about sitting and lying in unexpected pregnancy?

1. How to judge whether you are pregnant?The normal regular menstrual cycle is postponed for more than 7 days. If it is accompanied by uncomfortable with nausea, vomiting, etc. at the same time, the fastest and simple way is to test the morning urine pregnancy test (available pregnancy test sticks, convenient purchase, simple and easy operation), simple and easy operation), simple and easy to operate).If two red bars are presented, you will win the prize! At this time, you can calculate the specific gestational week of your pregnancy based on the first day of your last menstruation. If you want to continue your pregnancy, it is not accompanied by special discomfort (abdominal pain, bleeding, etc.)You can wait until I came to the hospital around February or so on. Remember not to forget oral folic acid; if you are sure that you need abortion, it is recommended to come to the hospital at 40-49 days of pregnancy. Remember not to miss the best time!IntersectionIntersectionTry not to drag until the month is too big, so that it will hurt you greatly.If you are pregnant, you must come to the hospital in time to go to the hospital for discomfort such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain during home.

2. What are the problems when coming to the hospital?When coming to the hospital, you need to be accompanied by an empty stomach (blood drawing), family members (best husband), and bring your ID card. When you come, you need to wear a mask to avoid too many family members. Try to take a private car or taxi.The necessary contact to do a good job of personal protection of yourself and your family; if you have the history of contact area in the epidemic area within 14 days, the occurrence of fever, cough, and must tell the testing personnel who test the body temperature, they will take you to the diagnosis area for diagnosis and treatment.If you do n’t have a special medical history, you can go to the gynecological clinic, it is best to enter the clinic alone, and the family is waiting in the waiting area.

3. What inspections need to be done before abortion: first of all, B -ultrasound examination: (need to urinate) to understand the size of the gestational sac; test (fasting) examination: blood routine, fourth item, liver and kidney skills, infectious diseases, vaginal secretions (excluding exclusionThere is no inflammation); ECG examination (preoperative evaluation).During the epidemic period, the chest is checked, and the corresponding abortion method can be selected after all results check the results.

4. Selection of miscarriage: During the early pregnancy, the abortion method is divided into drug abortion and artificial abortion.Diseases: Usually take 3 days of medication. On the last day (when the gestational sac is discharged), the medicine needs to be observed. After taking the medicine, abdominal pain discomfort will occur.The number of days of pregnancy is <49 days; there are high -risk factors: such as scar uterus, lactation period, and multiple abortion history fear surgery.Disadvantages such as bleeding on the day of miscarriage, no discharge of the gestational sac, and the remnants of the uterine cavity after abortion require the clear palace.Artificial abortion: The embryo is absorbed out of the body by equipment.Adapt to: outpatient surgery within 10 weeks of pregnancy, if it is more than 10 weeks, it needs to be hospitalized.Artificial abortion is painless, and the surgery time is short (3 minutes). Only after the surgery can go home to reduce cross -infection in the hospital.

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