What should I do if I do n’t eat constipation of pregnant sows?Learn these methods and quickly solve it

During pregnancy, with the secretion of progesterone and endocrine changes, it has a great impact on metabolism.If we do not notice various metabolic issues of sows, it will often cause sows to have constipation, unhappy, and so on.Let ’s share with you some sow for constipation during pregnancy and do not eat food.

1. Treatment constipation

The demand for water and various nutrients during pregnancy has increased during pregnancy. However, blindly adding feeding to sows is not enough to make sows smoothly produce. Instead, sow will have accumulated food and constipation.In this regard, we can solve this problem from two aspects.① Adjust the metabolic cycle and regulate the digestive system.Appropriately increase drinking water, while drinking water at the same time: multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee, supplementing a variety of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc., improve the metabolic cycle, and fundamentally regulate the digestive system.② Pinoscopy Chinese herbal medicine to promote gastrointestinal motility.Use: Too guarantee, 100ml-200ml at a time, use it in use, its ingredients: white, sea buckthorn, etc. can promote gastrointestinal motility and quickly discharge accumulated food.

2. Improve appetite

The continuous growth of sows’ abdomen will lead to the increasing compression of the uterus on the stomach and intestines, resulting in a decrease in appetite appetite.In addition, the temperature, the environment of the pork pork area, the quality of the feed, and the physical condition of the sow will affect the appetite of the sows.Arrange a comfortable environment for pregnant sows; improve the quality of sows’ feed, and do not feed the moldy and poor texture; they can improve the appetite of the sows.In addition, we can also use it for sow: opening food too much+mother animals too much, conditioning qi and blood, increasing appetite, and treating anorexia caused by the loss of qi and blood loss during pregnancy, helping sows to protect and tires.

Pregnant sow constipation and not eating are common. The main reason is endocrine and nutritional lack of metabolic cycle disorders in the body.We must pay attention to the various nutrients required for the sow to supplement the pregnancy. When various adverse reactions during pregnancy, it will be treated in time. I hope today’s sharing can help you.You can click to follow, like, collect, or forward it to more friends in need, which will bring you more breeding knowledge in the future.

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