What should I do if I do back pain during pregnancy?There is a trick to relieve low back pain

According to surveys, 50%to 75%of women will have the problem of back pain during pregnancy, which is mostly related to the special physiological changes of pregnant moms during pregnancy.Why is the waist sore?How to relieve it?

Why is it easy to get back pain during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, due to the increasing uterus, the physical center of gravity saw the forward movement. In order to keep the center of gravity balance, the shoulder and head of pregnant women will lean backwards to form a unique posture of pregnant women’s unique chest convex.This attitude is easy to cause excessive forward convexness of the spine of the chest, which causes the symptoms of waist pain.The main reasons are the following aspects:

1. Normal physiological reactions during pregnancy

As the fetus grows, pregnant mommy will gradually increase after pregnancy, and the body’s fat content will become higher.Among them, the biggest change is the belly. Due to the continuous increase of the fetus, the belly bulges, and these edema increases the pressure of the waist.At the same time, with the changes in hormones during pregnancy, the elasticity of muscles during pregnancy will be a little worse, so the muscle elasticity of the waist will weaken, which will easily lead to back pain.

2. Calcium deficiency

During pregnancy, because the calcium required for fetal growth and development is completely derived from the mother’s body, the amount of calcium consumed by pregnant moms is far greater than that of ordinary people. Therefore, many pregnant moms are prone to calcium deficiency, and calcium deficiency can cause back pain.It is recommended that expectant mothers pay special attention to appropriate calcium during pregnancy.

3. Incorrect posture

Some pregnant mummy’s sitting position is incorrect, the back does not pay attention to straight, and the lumbar spine is leaning backwards. This will concentrate the weight of the entire upper body to the lumbar spine, aggravate the burden of the lumbar spine, and more easily leads to back pain.In fact, many pregnant moms do not know how to walk, sleep, sitting, etc. in daily life are the most common cause of low back pain.

How to relieve low back pain during pregnancy

1. Nutrition must keep up

Because all the nutrition of the fetus during pregnancy comes from the mother’s body, pregnant moms need to supplement nutrition in time, and the lack of vitamins, calcium, and iron can easily cause low back pain.

2. Pay attention to control weight

Many pregnant mothers hold one person to eat two people to make up for the two people. They eat and eat unauthorized during pregnancy. Therefore, the weight has also risen straight.Excessive weight gain during pregnancy will not only increase the burden on the waist and cause low back pain, but also increase the risk of gestational diabetes, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant mummy and baby.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant moms have a balanced diet during pregnancy to control the weight. Do not allow too much weight and too fast.

3. Pay attention to rest

Walking for too long, heavy materials, etc., can easily cause the pregnant mothers to overwhelm too much, thereby causing back pain, so it is necessary to pay attention to rest.

4. Hot compress and massage

It is recommended that prospective dad can perform hot compresses and waist massage for pregnant moms to relieve low back pain.

Massage method: vibration, push, kneading, shaking, deduction

Location: Put your hands on both sides of the posterior lumbar spine, use the above methods until the part is fever.

Note: Five methods are not necessarily used. According to the physical condition and feelings of pregnant mummy, choose the method that suits you.

Hot compress: Apply it with a hot towel for about half an hour every day, which can effectively reduce the pain.

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