What should I do if I do back pain and ass pain during pregnancy, try these 13 methods

The following is the feeling of a mother’s first pregnancy

At the end of my first three months of pregnancy, I started to have symptoms of lower back pain. More precisely, there seemed to be sharp pain at the tail bone radiating to the surroundings.I do n’t know that the symptoms of pain during pregnancy are normal. I have also seen many pregnant women who are uncomfortable to leave their seats to support my back …

What caused my tailbone pain?

I often want to be the culprit that causes the pain of lower back during pregnancy. It is due to the growth of weight, incorrect posture, and shakingly during pregnancy.These reasons will definitely cause lower back pain in pregnancy, and other factors will have an impact -especially early pain.

Tailbone discomfort may also be caused by hormones.Estrogen release in the early stages of pregnancy makes the ligament relax and enhances flexibility, especially the pelvic area.There will be a larger space to make your baby grow and make you give birth smoother.

This is very beneficial to the baby, but it is a test for mothers, because hip joints and tailbone are originally stable joints. They are easy to occur at the position of positions, which will deviate from the position they should be maintained, thereby creating generatepain.Pain is more concentrated in the hip joint, and the phenomenon of excessive movement of sacroiliac joints will occur. The sacroiliac joint is the basis for the combination of spine and pelvis.

Those people who are concentrated in the middle of the lower back or above the hips may be due to excessive activity or uneven arranges.

In the process of pregnancy, the growing babies will actually compress the spine and tail, that is, behind the uterus.This squeezing can cause a problem with the spine disc, which may also cause the sciatic nerve to be compressed, causing sharp tingling sensation to the knife to the below and thigh.About 1%of pregnant women will have such pain experience.

In addition, some of the factors mentioned earlier, such as the weight loss during pregnancy and the poor physical posture, will increase the pressure on the pelvis and lower back.

There are some ways to try to do it. If the situation is good, it can even eliminate pain in the tail or lower back.Self -care measures can basically eliminate pain.Here are some ways to relieve tail or lower back pain.

There are many ways to relieve tail pain during pregnancy. These methods are easy to do in daily life.

1. Lie on the left side when sleeping (more conducive to circulation and digestion), clip a pillow between your knees

This method is very effective when I feel uncomfortable.During pregnancy, I will use longer pillows to support the increased belly.

2. Change more posture

When I sit down, I seem to aggravate my back pain. Fortunately, because my work is more flexible, I can work at home for several hours every morning.I work in the workstation (AKA, there are two computers with elevated TV stations).You can find a lot of legal standing workbenches on the Internet to buy, and there are also instructions to guide you how to construct one.But when I was in the office, I definitely needed a seat.Stand up subconsciously and walk around, either walk from the room to the bathroom, or go to colleagues to chat every one or two hours, which will greatly improve my comfort to a large extent.

3. regular exercise

Similarly, try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.Combining your physical condition, do some safe exercise under the advice of a doctor.If there is a swimming pool, swimming is one of the best ways to exercise for pregnant women.Slowly walking is also another form of exercise, which will not cause much pressure on the back, and it is conducive to pelvic activity and slowing muscle soreness.Before pregnancy, I love sports very much. In the second and third month of pregnancy, I can run, cycling (power bicycles), practice yoga, conduct barbell strength training, and do some cross training.The content of daily training depends on whether I feel painful. When your back or tail bone pain, you cannot do a hurry to stop.

4. Motorize and stretch

In addition to conventional exercise, there are also some specific stretching exercises and training methods that are conducive to the stability of the lower back and the pelvic area, and it is conducive to reducing the oppression of the area.There are many videos for yoga exercises that relieve back pain and promote production.For example, cat cattle, body twisting exercises, bridges, and lower dog types are very favorable. These are just a small part of the practice.My midwife also suggested that I do squat exercises several times a day, and stick to the wall on the lower back.Squatting exercises and cat cow -style training are very effective for me.

5. Avoid excessive weight gain

No one wants to hear as if you can’t grow too fat during pregnancy, but excessive weight growth is very unwise to you and your baby.If you eat a lot of diet more than doctors every day, it will increase the oppression of the lower back and other parts of the body, and it will also cause posture problems.This will also make the baby in the belly grow too big, making the delivery process more difficult.

6. Put on a pregnant woman’s abdominal belt

It is conducive to helping you carry when wearing a back zone used by pregnant women.This belly band can bear the weight of the lower back by lift the abdomen and increase support.Wearing a belt also helps maintain a good physical posture and can slow down fatigue.It is very effective to use this strap from the end of pregnancy.

7. Keep upright when sitting

Excessive arch back or leaning forward may be very comfortable, but this is very unfavorable to the lumbar spine and the surrounding tissue.Keeping the correct posture requires you to mobilize the core area to keep your body upright when you set up. The feet are placed on the ground, the back can only be curved slightly, and the neck is straight.Do you think it is necessary to assist in doing so?You can sit on the yoga ball, or use support to help.

8. Pay attention to your wear

Do not wear high -heeled shoes when the tailbone is painful. High -heeled shoes will transfer the center of gravity to the front of the body and tighten the back.When you take off your shoes and step on the flat ground, you will feel very comfortable, and sometimes you will tell yourself to wear less high heels.Please believe me, if you insist on wearing support shoes, your back will be very comfortable.Another way to relieve tailbone pain is not to wear tight clothes, especially tight pants.Because wearing tight pants can make the tail bone pain worse, pay attention to the changes in your body during pregnancy. Do not wear tight pants.

9. Massage the tail area

When I feel uncomfortable every day, I will ask my husband to help me massage the tail area several times. This can only relieve part of the pain briefly.If the situation allows, you can go to a professional physiotherapist or massage.

10. Find spine massage

Spinal massage can help you adjust the position of correction of the pelvis and tailbone regions to adjust the imbalance and uneven arrangement of physical pain.I mentioned earlier that my pain disappeared through some self -therapy relief.But a few of my good friends will often be uncomfortable, so you need to make adjustments every few weeks.My midwife told me that this adjustment in the end of pregnancy can give the baby a larger space in the pelvic area, making the baby’s place in a more appropriate position and more conducive to childbirth.If you can, you can find a professional spinal massageist who is good at prenatal health care or women’s health.

11. Hot therapy

Take a hot bath or apply the hot pad to the lower back to relax the tight tissue above, thereby reducing pain.Pay attention not to be too high in the water temperature of the hot bath and not hot to the baby.

12. Don’t move heavy objects

Moving the heavy items during pregnancy will strain the back tissue, which will relax the joints and tissues, and it will easily deviate from the body arrangement.If you really need to move things, pay attention to moving in the right method.

13. Regular stool

Constipation may be the side effects of hormones in infants during pregnancy, and iron supplementation will slow down the digestive system.The stool will increase the pain in the tail.Due to these health reasons, in order to make the body more comfortable, you must drink plenty of water, maintain exercise, and eat high -fiber food to promote intestinal peristalsis.

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