What should I do if I can’t get an injection and take medicine for pregnancy, fever, fever, fever, fever, fever, cough and runny nose?It is enough to collect this article

People who do not have a cold once a year do have it, but most people have a cold once or twice a year, but it is normal.Pregnant women have no major problems in their colds, but the fetus in the stomach cannot afford the damage caused by a cold. Due to the existence of the fetus, pregnancy cannot be injected to take medicine, and the effective routine method of treating colds will become helpless.The response has endured a lot of troubled mothers. At this time, what does it feel like to face fever, cough, and runny nose?

It is said that the cold cannot be used during pregnancy. Is the expectant mother so hard?

And I heard that a cold seriously affects the development of the fetus. Is it treated or not treated?

I believe that the mother who has encountered a cold has had such panic and helplessness.If a cold is accompanied by high fever, the mother’s high heat body temperature pregnancy will also affect the development of the embryo early, hurt the nervous system of the mother, and even increase the mortality of the fetus and cause abortion.What should pregnant women do?Today, the pregnant mother will give the pregnant mothers a bit, how to deal with a cold during pregnancy.

Wind cold cold (fear of cold and fear of sweating): Generally, there is no rest, and the cold wind is caused by cold wind.

Pregnant women’s treatment: Drink plenty of water, ginger sugar tea, orange peel ginger tea, hot porridge, green onion and garlic porridge.

Wind and hot cold (nasal congestion and phlegm and thirst): One is caused by the accumulation of food in the body, then constipation, sore throat, and finally becoming a cold.

Pregnant women’s treatment methods: drink plenty of water, talk less, sugar Sydney (can cough), ginger radish soup (cough), chrysanthemum tea, honey tea, honey water, drinking yogurt and probiotics, etc.The granules relieve cold symptoms.

Popular virus cold: It is an acute respiratory infection caused by influenza virus, which is characterized by strong infectious and fast transmission speed.Symptoms are fever and fever rapidly, painfulness, fatigue, nasal congestion pain, poor breathing, runny nose, etc.Pregnant women particularly need to pay attention to it, it is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible for examination and treatment.

It is not recommended to take medicine at light cold. You can drink more water, drink ginger sugar water, eat light diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, keep the stool smooth, and take another hot bath.If it is moderate or severe cold, you need to go to the hospital for treatment, and judge whether to take medicine and take other measures according to the situation.In addition, pay attention to indoor ventilation and ventilation to keep the air flowing out of fresh circulation.

In the early stages of pregnancy: 3 months before pregnancy are the critical period for the formation of fetal organs. If influenza is encountered, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment. The situation can be considered seriously due to the serious consequences of influenza virus on the fetus.There are more than 300 influenza viruses that have been discovered, and more than 13 viruses have influenced the fetus through the mother, which can cause the fetus to cause teratogenic and miscarriage.In principle, all drugs are prohibited in the early pregnancy, but Chinese medicines such as Banlangen can still be taken.

In the middle of pregnancy: careful medication, it is best not to use it.

In the third trimester: Most drugs are still unavailable, but some conventional drugs can be used moderately.

Fever (headache fever, body temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees): First of all, physical cooling is performed, and the forehead and neck are repeatedly wiped with warm and humid towels.Pregnant women’s physical strength and physical conditions allow hot baths to cool down.If the cooling effect is not obvious, the injection of Chaihu injection can be injected under the guidance of the doctor.The headache is severe. Under the guidance of the doctor, you can take heating and polygisor and muscle injection. (These two medicines have side effects, which can be taken for short and small.) Do not take it without authorization.

Sneezing, snot, mild cough: drink plenty of water, keep warm, pay attention to rest.If the effect is not significant, you can take cough syrup, plate blue root granules, cold heat -clearing granules.You can drink chicken soup on your diet, which can remove the respiratory virus and reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose.It can also enhance the physical resistance of pregnant women.The hot water with a water cup is about 60 °, put the nose at the mouth of the cup, absorb the heat steam, 3 times a day, 5 minutes each time, which can reduce the nasal and nose.

Cough with sputum (severe): You can drink rock sugar Sydney pot, ginger radish soup, apple honey water.All three have the effect of relieving cough and phlegm.You can also take cough syrup.

Sore throat: The throat is sore in the early days of a cold. You can rinse your mouth with thick salt water every 10 minutes, moisturize the throat once, and it will be fine in 10 times.It is also good to drink water with fat sea.

1. The brushing brush brush is not clean and easy to catch a cold. Prevent a cold from brushing your teeth seriously.

2, cold and cold on your feet, don’t wear cold slippers, wearing socks.

3. Hand is the main way to spread a cold, please wash your hands frequently.

4. Eat too salty and get cold.

5. Pay attention to the matching of vegetarian and nutrition.Supplement vitamin C (mainly from fruits and vegetables) to enhance resistance.

Regarding the condition and response method during pregnancy, the mothers of pregnancy will temporarily think of these.Hope to be helpful to the pregnant mother.You don’t have to be nervous every time you have a cold.(Good collection, don’t find it at a critical moment).

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