What should I do if I can’t control my weight after pregnancy?If you can control this number, Baoma and baby are healthy

For pregnant mothers, the most unacceptable reality after pregnancy is that their weight rises every day, and they cannot control it because the baby in the belly needs nutrition.It is extremely irresponsible to the baby.

Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers would rather get a big circle of weight, and they will not threaten their babies.In fact, gestational weight is inevitable, but it is definitely not blindly indulging in themselves, because if you do not control your weight during pregnancy, it is likely to cause pregnant mothers to have hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy.

Therefore, for the weight control during pregnancy, pregnant mothers also need to learn some health knowledge. What kind of weight should be controlled for pregnancy?Pregnant mothers need to understand this. If they can persist, they will actually benefit themselves and babies in their stomachs.

1. In the early pregnancy, the height and weight index is controlled within 27

Many pregnant mothers may feel that why should the height and weight index control the range of 27?What are the scientific basis for which of them?

In fact, from the perspective of normal and not pregnancy, if a person’s height and weight index exceeds 27, it basically belongs to an ultra -heavy body shape, because with an ultra -heavy body shape, it means that the body’s fat accumulation has exceeded. At this timeIt is necessary to control the weight appropriately to better maintain your physical and mental health.

Therefore, for pregnant mothers, the fetus is constantly growing and developing in the early pregnancy. At this time, the uterus is not large, so it can control the height and weight index within 27, which is basically ideal and healthy.

2. In the middle of pregnancy, the weight growth rate is controlled at 0.2-0.35 kg/weekly

By the end of pregnancy, it is basically a relatively long time, because the baby at this time is basically relatively stable, so pregnant mothers only need to pay attention to the balanced nutrition of diet, while ensuring that the sleep rest is sufficient, for the baby for the babyThere will be no other adverse effects.

So, how do you pay attention to controlling your own weight at this time?In fact, at this time, you cannot simply look at the height weight index. Because at this time, if you blindly control your weight, it will inevitably lead to insufficient nutritional intake of your baby, so you can control the weight growth rate appropriately.

Generally speaking, controlling the growth rate of weight at 0.2-0.35 kg/weekly, this seems that it will not be too fat or adversely affect the baby’s nutritional intake, so it is very reasonable.

3. In the third trimester, the weight growth rate is controlled at 0.5 kg/week

In the third trimester, pregnant mothers will obviously hold a big belly. What should I do at this time?At this stage, the baby will grow rapidly, so the mothers will obviously feel that they have grown faster.

In fact, at this time, the control of weight is significantly different from the middle of the pregnancy. At this time, it is best to control the growth rate of weight at 0.5 kg/week.

In this way, it will not lead to the excess of the weight of the pregnant mother, and at the same time, it will not cause the baby to grow into a "huge child".

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