What should I do if I am hot and swollen in the third month of pregnancy?Chrysanthemum and fruit juice relieve trouble!

The third month of pregnancy refers to within the four weeks of the 9th week.

By the 10th week, the embryo period ends and enters the fetal stage.The fingers and toes are clearly visible, the placenta begins, and the umbilical cord gradually grows.In the 11th weekend, the pregnant woman’s uterus was so large. If you press around the uterus, you can feel its existence. At this time, the sexual organs of the fetus are formed.

The fetus’s body is 1 mm a day, and it is 9 mm long at the end of the third month.

The third month of pregnancy has intensified, and the increased uterine compression of the bottom of the bladder will cause frequent urination. About 12 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus exceeds the pelvic cavity into the abdominal cavity, reduces the pressure on the bladder, and the frequent urination will improve.This month is still the most susceptible period of the fetus. Pregnant mothers must beware of the violations of various viruses and chemical poisons.

Health suggestion: If you have a bad appetite, eat fine food, eat more foods with rich protein, fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.The production should be light and refreshing.

If vomiting is severe, go to the hospital for examination, the infusion treatment is effective.

To ensure sufficient sleep, it is best to sleep for 1 to 2 hours at noon every day.

Under the influence of a large amount of estrogen in the body, from this month, there will be some changes in the mouth, such as gum congestion, edema, and great hyperplasia of the gums and papillary hypertrophy, which is extremely susceptible to bleeding.Persist in brushing your teeth in the morning and evening during pregnancy, rinse your mouth to prevent bacteria from breeding in the mouth.

When the temperature is appropriate, you should take a walk in the park and green space for an hour every day.

After mosquito bites, do not apply cool oil.

Folic acid supplement should last until the end of the third month.

At the end of this month, you should go to the hospital for the siege health care manual in order to conduct regular prenatal inspections in the future.

Food attributes and traditional Chinese medicine nutrition conditioning:

The first 3 months of pregnancy is the period of the formation of fetal organs and cannot eat supplements.

Women who are pregnant in the middle of pregnancy are prone to heat and heat, and can eat foods that nourish serum heat and cool.Such as chrysanthemum tea, fresh fruit juice and food rich in iron and high calcium.Occasionally you can eat some tire food foods, and have different food therapy prescriptions according to the physical condition of different pregnant women (not suitable for listening to the side, buy food by yourself).

Pregnant mothers with weak body can eat some non -cooling fruits and vegetables in summer, such as cherry, pear, papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe, pear, bamboo shoots and other cool foods.Cool foods to avoid causing diarrhea or sputum easy to cough.Don’t be too greedy for ice or cold foods to avoid genetic tire deficiency.

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