What should I do if I "heartburn" during pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers will feel the burning sensation and pain in the heart nest from the middle and late stages of pregnancy.This phenomenon is called "burning heart", which is very common during pregnancy, and generally does not cause damage to the mother’s body.But "burning heart" can make people feel uncomfortable, and expectant mothers can take some measures to relieve this discomfort.

"Burning the heart" is also called "stomach burning" or "acid reflux", which is caused by food return, which is very common during pregnancy.

As the saying goes: "Pregnant women return flow, there are ten or six."

Why does it "burn heart" during pregnancy?

Reason 1: Hormone changes in the body

After pregnancy, heart burning is mainly caused by hormones and physical changes in pregnant mothers.During pregnancy, progesterone (also known as progesterone) will not only relax the smooth muscle of the uterus, but also relax the valve (cardia) of the separators and gastric stomach, which makes the gastric acid easily flow back to the esophagus, causing uncomfortable people to be uncomfortableBurning heart.

The changes in hormones during pregnancy will also slow down the contraction of the stomach, slow down the speed of digestion, slower the stomach empty stomach of the pregnant mother, the gastric juice stays in the stomach for a long time, and it is easy to cause gastric fluid to flow.

Reason 2: Uterine enlargement

With the continuation of pregnancy time, the uterus of expectant mothers continues to compress the stomach upward, increase the pressure in the stomach, and slow the speed of the stomach empty, which causes the gastric juice to stay in the stomach for a long time.The reflux to the lower section of the esophagus causes the burning sensation of the stomach.The stomach -hot part is in the upper abdomen or lower sternum section, and the incidence will increase with the increase of the gestational week. The symptoms will increase when the expectant mothers are bent, sitting or lying flat.

Reason 3: The symptoms of heart burning are generally caused by excessive gastric acid

Chronic diseases (such as gastric ulcers, chronic gastritis, indigestion, etc.) will cause excessive gastric acid, and take too much irritating foods (such as peppers, green onions, ginger, garlic, vinegar, oil, etc.) to increase gastric acid.

"Burning Heart" self -diagnosis

● Usually after meals.

● Burning sensation appears between the bottom of the sternum and the bottom of the throat, and even radiates to the back.

● When bending down and lying on your back, the burning sensation will increase.

● The burning sensation is usually relieved after drinking water.

● The incidence will increase with the number of pregnancy.

The relief of "burning heart"

1. Develop good habits of life, avoid full diet, avoid smoke and alcohol stimuli, and avoid obesity;

2. Avoid lying down within two or three hours after eating, because the stomach content will flow back to the esophagus with the body position after lying down; you can also use a few pillows when you sleep

3. Eat less meals to make the stomach do not expand too much; drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed, eat more vegetables rich in β-carotene, and fruit rich in vitamin C;

4. Drink a small glass of water after meals can dilute and wash away the gastric acid that may flow to the esophagus;

5. If the pregnant mother feels that the stomach is uncomfortable, you can divert your attention, and do not concentrate on the stomach’s discomfort; walking out of the outdoor walk, drying the sun, and breathing fresh air are helpful for alleviating the burning of the stomach.

Pregnant mothers need not worry too much about the problem of acid reflux and heartburn, but they should not be too careless. Pay attention to adjusting diet and rest.If the symptoms are getting worse, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible for relevant examinations and treat them under the guidance of a doctor.

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