What should I do if a pregnant woman has a cold?Dr. Fu taught a few tricks, not pregnant women can learn

Many pregnant women have no idea as soon as they have a cold. Worried that if they take medicine, it will affect the baby? If you do n’t take medicine, if you are serious, you will still affect your baby.So hurry up to the prospective mother WeChat group for help, some people say that they can take some medicine; some people say that drinking plenty of water, resting more anti -resistance, and some say that they can use some dietary recipes; and there areExpectant mothers said that they must be careful when going to the hospital to avoid other viruses.Everyone seems to have some truths, you don’t know what to do!

Dr. Fu today talks about this topic!

Many women during pregnancy are easier to catch a cold than usual. This is mainly because: in the early stages of pregnancy, the hormone level of pregnant women changes, and some pregnant women have a serious pregnancy response.Decreased resistance itself and is more likely to be infected by cold germs. Therefore, many women in early pregnancy are more likely to catch a cold, and some pregnant women will also catch a cold.After pregnancy, women’s nasopharyngeal areas, trachea and other respiratory mucosa will cause edema, congestion, and hypertrophy. In addition, the oxygen consumption of pregnant women will increase. In order to meet the oxygen needs of themselves and the fetusWith the ability of autonomous breathing, oxygen absorption and exclusion of carbon dioxide depend on the mother’s body, so pregnant women often feel short or difficulty in breathing.Because breathing frequently can cause a large amount of dust, it is easier to catch a cold.It is special during pregnancy. Many people think that it is not necessary to take medicine during pregnancy, which will affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, many pregnant women are unwilling to take medicine even if they are sick.Especially when suffering from ordinary colds, the public knows that the cold is self -healing. Even if it does not take medicine for about a week, it can be recovered, so many pregnant women are unwilling to take drugs.Is this idea right? What should pregnant women do?

First of all, we need to clarify what causes the cold. Colds occur at which stage of pregnancy. This is because different types of colds and the fetus will have a different impact on the fetus during the onset.Colds can generally be divided into two categories: ordinary colds and viral colds.The common symptoms of common colds are sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and other symptoms. They do not fever or slight fever, and the symptoms are not serious. If this type of cold can not take drugs, it can be cured around 7.If pregnant women suffer from a cold and the situation is not serious, it will not affect the fetus.If the symptoms of colds are more serious, in addition to common symptoms, it is also accompanied by high fever, soreness, headache fatigue, etc., or colds caused by virus infections, which may have a certain impact on the fetus.Colds caused by influenza virus, virus may be infected with the fetus, and taking drugs when a cold is severe will also affect the fetus.If the pregnant woman fever during pregnancy, it will also affect the fetus.Generally, the impact of colds on the fetus in the early pregnancy is relatively large, because early pregnancy is an important period for the formation and development of fetal organs.If you find that the situation is serious, the doctor will recommend to terminate pregnancy.The sensitivity period of teratogenic includes: after the egg is fertilized, the embryo stage is divided around two weeks of pregnancy and gradually forming the embryo; 5 weeks to 44 weeks of pregnancy, the cells will be rapidly differentiated at this stage, and continuous morphological changes will occur. At this stage, the fetus is vulnerable to external affected affected by the outside world.Causes malformations; 11 weeks of pregnancy, embryo cells do not have diverse differentiation ability and compensation capabilities, and start the directional development stage.In the middle and late pregnancy, the impact of colds on the fetus is relatively small. During this period, the organs development of the fetus is basically completed, which reduces the chance of adverse effects.If the pregnant woman has a severe cold during this period of time, the long duration of the fever will still affect the development of the fetus. If the pregnant woman has a severe cough due to a cold due to a cold, it is willing to cause the amniotic fluid to break early or premature birth.

Ordinary colds can generally be divided into cold and cold and wind heat.The cold cold is caused by the cold and cold. The common symptoms are cold, slightly fever, sweatless, nasal congestion, flowing nose, cough with white sputum, and like to drink hot drinks.You can drink more hot soup or hot porridge, or you can drink ginger soup to drive the cold. Once sweating, you need to keep warm and avoid being cold again.Wind and cold are caused by wind and heat violations. The common symptoms are fever, headache, sweat, swelling of the throat, cough, yellow sputum or sticky sputum. At this time, you need to drink plenty of water and eat a light diet.If pregnant women can clearly distinguish the type of cold, and when the symptoms are mild, pregnant women can drink plenty of water, urinate, and rest, and can timely discharge abolishment of waste in the body out of the body.Eating some fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins and a light diet can help pregnant women’s cold cure. Dr. Fu recommends several dietary methods for everyone:

1. Wind and cold during pregnancy can be used for two sections of glutinous rice, green onion and white, and a little ginger.Put the water in the pot and boil the heat on the heat on the heat and boil low heat. After the porridge is thick, add the green onion, white and ginger slices.Xu Jiang.Put the water in the pot and boil the heat on the heat on the heat and boil low heat. After the porridge is thick, add the green onion, white and ginger slices.

2.30 grams of fresh orange peel or 15 grams of dried orange peel. Put three glasses of water in the pot and cook together. After cooking into a cup, add white sugar and drink it while it is hot.

3. When the wind is cold and cough, the washed Sydney can be cut into pieces together and the rock sugar can be used to steam.

4. Put 200 grams of white radish and horseshoe, 50 grams of rice.Slice the white radish and the horseshoe directly. Put it in an appropriate amount of water and cook it into porridge. After the porridge is cooked, season it.Suitable for wind and heat.

5. Twenty -grams of ginger, 50 grams of radish slices, 500 ml of water, cook for 15 minutes, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar to drink while it is hot.

When pregnant women have a cold, they can be properly raised to relieve nasal congestion.You can also place a humidifier in the room to help reduce nasal congestion and dry pharynx.Heating pads can also be placed on the head, sinus and shoulders to relieve nasal congestion and muscle soreness.Soak your feet with hot water before going to bed to promote blood circulation.Husbands or relatives can also massage and massage pregnant women, but pay attention to.

If the cold situation is not relieved or severe fever, you should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. The doctor will determine whether pregnant women need to take drugs based on the actual situation and test results.

If it wasn’t for pregnancy, Dr. Fu recommended a cold to drink white lame tea.According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", Loquat flowers have the effects of "quenching qi, lungs, abolition of vomiting, removing heat, moisturizing the five internal organs", and "cure the head wind, nose and nose".Loquat flower tea has functions such as moisturizing throat, moisturizing the lungs, reducing phlegm and relieving cough, clearing fire and relieving heat, treating headaches, wind injuries, and nasal flowing nose.It has excellent effects on lung disease, heat -clearing and detoxifying and respiratory tract.The smell is fragrant and slightly sweet, which contains a variety of vitamins and has a unique health effect.

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