What should I do after accidental pregnancy?

Unexpected pregnancy means that unmarried women are pregnant or married women are pregnant when they are not ready to baby.So what should I do after accidental pregnancy?In simple terms, there are only two methods: give birth to the baby or kill the baby.Different women may have different choices. If you plan to break the baby, you can use people or medicines. Below, the editor of Xinbei parent -child network will talk about these two methods.

Many unexpected pregnant women choose the way artificial abortion to solve the problem.Under normal circumstances, this operation can be performed in about two months of pregnancy.At present, the more popular in the medical community is "painless abortion", and the painless abortion is not completely painless, but because when the abortion is performed, doctors perform systemic anesthesia to patients to allow them to complete surgery during sleep. This method can be avoided.Women have miscarriage due to fear of nervousness and secondary damage to the uterus.

1.Precautions for abortion

Regardless of whether ordinary artificial abortion or painless artificial abortion, you must pay attention to this, such as going to a regular hospital for surgery; you cannot eat 8 hours before the operation; you must not have intimate behaviors 7 days before the operation;The mentality is to face abortion.

Female friends who perform artificial abortion also need to pay attention. Do not leave immediately after the operation. Rest for half an hour under the guidance of a doctor, and then let the doctor check the bleeding of the lower body. If everything is normal, you can go home to rest.If the condition is best to recover within one month after miscarriage, it is best to restore the body to gradually recover.If you have any discomfort during the rest, you should seek medical treatment in time. Even if everything is safe, you will have to be retracted once in January.

2.Side effects of artificial abortion

Artificial abortion will inevitably produce some side effects, mainly including cervical laceration, pelvic inflammatory disease, and uterine wall scars.During the abortion surgery, doctors enter the uterus with various appliances, which can easily cause cervical laceration. If the wound is too large, it will easily affect the normal fertility in the future.In the process of artificial abortion, although the appliance has been disinfected, it is also easy to cause germ infection in the reproductive system. The most prone to occur is pelvic inflammatory disease.In addition, artificial abortion is also easy to cause uterine wall scars. This problem will directly affect women’s fertility.

Divine abortion refers to the end pregnancy of the prefecture’s intrigue (rice non -ketone tablets) Gamiso anterior alcohol drug.It is mainly through drugs to make uterine molting necrosis, softening cervix, and shrinking the uterus to promote embryo excretion.Passenger fetuses are more economically convenient than surgery, but the failure rate is much higher.This method is suitable for women who are not suitable for surgical abortion, and women who are afraid of surgical abortion.

1.Precautions for drug abortion

Before doing drug and centers, a comprehensive examination of the physical condition of pregnant women should be checked to see if this method is applicable.The best time for drugs is within 49 days after pregnancy, avoiding more than 3 months.From taking medicine to abortion, it usually takes 3 to 4 days. It is best to be carried out under the supervision of a doctor on the day of abortion.It is best to rest for a few days after abortion. It is best to rest for one month, and avoid heavy work.If the lower body is still bleeding within a week after abortion, go to the hospital to return to the hospital in time.

2.Side effects of drug abortion

Disease abortion is likely to cause side effects in three aspects.First, the abortion of drugs will cause serious bleeding from women. The bleeding of individual women will even last more than 30 days. Therefore, the reproductive organs can easily become a place for bacterial growth, which greatly increases the chance of infection with gynecological inflammation.Secondly, the failure rate of drug abortion is relatively high, which is easy to cause uterine to clean up. It needs to be cleaned again. There will even be an abortion failure. It is necessary to do artificial abortion to hurt the uterus.Third, the abortion of drugs is likely to disturb women’s normal endocrine, and it is easy to harm ovarian health. There are even cases of individual women taking abortion drugs to induce death.

After accidental pregnancy, we must comprehensively consider many factors and then decide whether to give birth to the baby or be killed.

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