What should expectant mothers do when I meet uterine fibroids?Doctor: You might as well do this!

Everyone knows that in life, we all know that if you want to make your body healthier, everyone should actively observe the body, especially when you are pregnant, the body is special, but when you are pregnant,If you encounter this uterine fibroids, what should you do for some women?The doctor said it may be done.

Uterine fibroids are a kind of benign tumor for women. The incidence of incidence is as high as 20%-30%, and most of them occur at women aged 30-50.

Uterine fibroids can be divided into three categories according to the growth site: submucosal uterine fibroids, muscle wall uterine fibroids, and subcordniated uterine fibroids.The latter two fibroids are the most common, but there are few symptoms.The fibroids under the mucous membrane and the muscle wall of the uterine cavity can easily cause increased menstruation and increased leucorrhea. There are even large mucosal fibroids running outside the vaginal opening, causing lower abdominal pain.Especially large fibroids sometimes compress the neighboring organs such as bladder and rectum, causing corresponding compression symptoms such as poor stool, abdominal distension, and abdominal pain.

More often, the growth of fibroids is quiet, usually good health, and menstruation is normal. To do B -ultrasound when you are pregnant, you know that there is such a thing in your body.

He Xiukui said that pregnancy and uterine fibroids affect each other.Because during pregnancy, women secrete many estrogen and progesterone that stimulate the growth of fibroids, which may cause fibroids to grow quickly and secondary degeneration.With the rapid increase and congestion of fibroids, patients may have abdominal pain and accompanied by fever, which can cause adverse consequences such as the fetal, abortion, and premature birth.

As fibroids continue to increase, after the uterus is compressed, it may also cause obstacles to the growth and development of the fetus, resulting in incorrect fetal position, low placenta or front.

Elderly pregnant women are more likely to merge uterine fibroids

The incidence of pregnancy combined with uterine fibroids has increased with the age of fertility. Now the "two -child" policy is open, and older pregnant women have increased. In this way, cases of pregnancy with uterine fibroids have also increased.

If you are pregnant with fibroids, in fact, there are no obvious symptoms most of the time, and according to literature, not all fibroids will grow up during pregnancy.However, if the uterine fibroids grow up during pregnancy, it may cause anemia for pregnant women, and the fetal growth is stagnant.Therefore, if the uterine fibroids are found during pregnancy, an additional monitoring of the growing fibroids must be performed on the mother and children, which may affect the fetal position and cause the fetal position such as hip positions and horizontal positions.If it is compressed to the sigmoid colon, it may aggravate constipation during pregnancy; compress the bladder, frequent urination and incomplete urination.

When the fibroids grow up too fierce, red degeneration is prone to occur, abdominal pain occurs, and clinically, there is no good way for fibroids red degeneration. There is no good way to consider conservative treatment with antibacterial drugs.EssenceMost of them can be alleviated. A few severe possibilities may not be able to keep the fetus, and the chance of degeneration is about 0.5%-1.2%. Do not worry too much about preparation and pregnancy.

Whether the pregnancy is stopped depends on the size and location of the fibroids

If a fibroids are found during pregnancy, someone is worried about whether it is necessary to terminate pregnancy? From the perspective of Director He Xiukui, since he is pregnant, you must not give up lightly.Most patients with uterine fibroids can safely pass the pregnancy and childbirth.As for whether to terminate pregnancy, it is necessary to depend on the size, location, pregnancy month, and the specific situation of the patient:

(1) For fibroids growing on the outer uterine, the effect of this fibroids on pregnancy is relatively small and can usually continue pregnancy. However, if the tirers are reversed, surgical treatment is required when conservative treatment is invalid.

(2) Long in the uterine muscle layer, the impact of uterine fibroids varies with the size of the tumor. If the tumor is relatively small (less than 5 cm in diameter), you can observe first, and review every 3-6 months.Once a ultrasound, as long as the fibroids do not increase significantly, you can continue your pregnancy.It is not recommended because uterine fibroids cause pregnancy complications, unless pregnancy is lost unless it was caused by uterine fibroids related complications.However, if the fibroids are larger or significantly increased, they may cause abortion.In this case, if it is still in the early stages of pregnancy, it is generally recommended to terminate pregnancy and receive treatment. After the uterine cavity is restored to normal, consider pregnancy.Miss Wang’s uterine fibroids are relatively small, and it is also growing in the uterine muscle layer, so she can observe closely to see if the fibroids will significantly increase the pregnancy and then treat them accordingly.

(3) The growth of fibroids in the uterine cavity has the greatest impact on pregnancy. It will not only affect the shape of the uterine cavity, but most of them will cause infertility or early pregnancy.

Tumor can also give birth

Pregnancy with fibroids is not the reason for cesarean section. Most of them can go smoothly by themselves.

If the position of the length of the uterine fibroids is relatively large, it is relatively large, affecting the birth canal, blocking the fetal decline, then it cannot be given out.This requires obstetricians to evaluate.

However, it is important to note that larger uterine fibroids may affect the production power and cause slow production; postpartum affecting uterine contraction, causing more postpartum bleeding.Therefore, those with large uterine fibroids should pay attention to observation before and after childbirth, and deal with them in time.

In short, when pregnancy is combined with uterine fibroids, it is best to find a professional doctor to evaluate the effects of fibroids on pregnancy. Pay attention to monitoring during pregnancy in order to timely grasp the growth of fetal and uterine fibroids.Measures to ensure the safety of maternal and infants.

■ Reminder

Before pregnancy, I found that the uterine fibroids should be contraceptive for one year

Uterine fibroids do not necessarily affect pregnancy. Generally, most uterine fibroids do not affect pregnancy. It is not recommended that women who need to have fertility to eliminate uterine fibroids before pregnancy.

The key to uterine fibroids does not affect pregnancy, the key is the location and size.First of all, the fibroids in the uterine cavity will definitely affect pregnancy, regardless of size; there is a fibroids that are convex to the uterine cavity, which will have a significant effect on fertility.

The most common fibroids are muscle wall fibroids. When this tumor grows up, it will affect pregnancy and cause more lunar.If it is less than 3 cm and has no symptoms, menstruation is normal, it can be used as the same as happening, this does not affect pregnancy.If the tumor is large, there are multiple menstrual or compressed symptoms, there are surgical indications, or the history of pregnancy complications in the past factor uterine fibroids. It is recommended to get pregnant after surgery.

If the size of 3-5 cm, depending on the degree of impact on the shape of the uterine cavity according to different parts, it is recommended to try to get pregnant first. If you can’t get pregnant, you must consider surgery.

Most of the contraceptives need to be pregnant after surgery to get pregnant.

When I am pregnant, the body is also special, but if it is also very dangerous to encounter uterine fibroids, accidentally may cause some premature and miscarriage, and it will cause some problems with the fetus. ThereforeGo to the hospital for a month for examination. If there is no growth, it has nothing to do. It is also critical to maintain a good mood and mentality.

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