What should a man reluctant to have an illegitimate child and do not want to return?Learn to be these tricks, men are obedient

Why do Su Yue repeatedly mentioned that when they resolve extramarital affairs, do n’t drag the suggestions for the original match?

Because it is dragged, it will be dragged out of an illegitimate child.

There is a ridiculous law in our country, that is, illegitimate children have the right to inherit.

I believe many original matters don’t know what it means!

This means that after a man is derailed, you can protect yourself with legal weapons.

But once the third party has an illegitimate child, then the legal weapon is eccentric. You can solve the third party, but you are destined to not solve the child that should not exist.

In the future, some men’s property will always belong to illegitimate children.

Therefore, Su Yue suggested that it is best to solve extramarital affairs quickly.

At this time, there was a wife who spoke. If he first knew that he was betrayed, what should a man who had born with an illegitimate child?

There is no way at this time. Your economic interests are destined to be damaged, so you can only ensure that your marriage is not damaged.

Because what is even more scary than the illegitimate child takes the property is that he took the man’s heart.

This is why many men are unwilling to return. As long as you handle the extramarital affairs of illegitimate children, the third party may continue to rely on illegal children to make waves, and may even destroy your marriage.

Therefore, Su Yue told you today to teach you to solve the extramarital affairs of illegitimate children, so that he will no longer disturb your life with his current, so that men will return honestly and will not recover with the third party.

At this time, you have to think about a question, why the third party will give birth to this child!

1. The third party wants to change his identity by this child and change from a third party to a man’s wife. At this time, the child is a tool for her.

Even if men do not let them have children, they will find a way to give birth to this child. Even if they can’t get in the future, they will use this child to fish hard.

2. This child is actively requested by a man.

Because you only have a daughter for men, and do not intend to fight for the second and third babies. At this time, the so -called Chuanzong takes the initiative and discuss the child with the third party.

At this time, the situation is more difficult for the original match, because many times the third part of the superior is this.

3. This illegitimate child is what men and thirds want.

They think they are sincere in love, and they have to give birth to this child no matter whether they have the protection of marriage. At this time, for the original match, the situation is on the edge of the crisis. There is no danger in the previous situation, but it cannot be underestimated.

Therefore, there are two possibilities at this time. Although a man thinks that he and the third party are true love, he and your marriage are more stable, so he will love to third party and will not give a third party marriage.

The second is that men think that they love the third party, and they must give the third party name, thereby helping the third party.

Both of them may appear, it is difficult to predict.

However, how to analyze it can prove that at least two of the three cases are dangerous. After the illegitimate child appears, the third party is very easy to superior to replace you.

So how to solve such an illegitimate child marriage?

There is only one trick, that is, quickly calm and rational!

You have to calm down and analyze the possibility of this marriage.

That is to think about whether you want to continue your marriage. List a form to see what benefits of continuing marriage. These benefits are not worth your time to separate extramarital affairs.

What are the benefits of not continuing and whether it is good for you and your children.

After analysis, your mind will be awake, and the next action plan will be more clear and rational.

If you want to divorce, your calm mind will help you get more conducive to you. For example, if you do n’t make a form, you are impulsive to divorce.

Then you may lose your mind and take your child directly. When you calm down, you will find that you have suffered a lot of losses. Corresponding to you carefully collecting the evidence of men’s derailment and communicating with men and drafting.Well, men disagree, you can also prosecute the other party reliably.

If you don’t want to divorce.

In the case of impulse, you will tear with a third party to hurt the third party and illegitimate children, which will arouse the protection of men and deepen the disgust of men’s marriage between you, leading menEssence

And once you calm down, you can analyze the weakness of extramarital affairs, create the contradiction between men and third parties, and drag men into their own front.

This is how Su Yue helped Ms. Wan who helped calm down to analyze the situation. He sent the men to self -esteem and was very concerned about the contact between the people and men around him.

In the end, although the illegitimate child proved his identity, the man had a gap in the third party in his heart. After that, Su Yue successively stimulated her and men to quarrel with men according to the young personality characteristics of the third party.

As a result, men were disgusted with illegitimate children and third parties. The third party made a man’s company, which caused men to lose their jobs.

Both of them lost both and parted ways.

The subsequent children’s problems were arranged by Ms. Wan.

After the third party took the child, Ms. Wan’s marriage returned to peace, and she got the power of marriage because of this incident.

And men also become very honest because of the farce of extramarital affairs.

In fact, Su Yue believes that since the damage has emerged and you don’t want to retreat and leave, you must become rational. Only by calm analysis and treatment can the damage you suffer to the minimum.

If you encounter a similar situation and you really don’t know how to deal with it, you can pay attention to Su Yue directly. Let’s talk briefly and I will help you pass the difficulty.

I am Su Yue, your marriage maintenanceer!

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