What reaction will be when the fetus is "hungry"?The subconscious actions are so cute

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The fetus has to live in the mother’s belly for nearly 280 days, and the various parts of the body have gradually developed. By the end of the 24 weeks of pregnancy, the digestive system is basically perfect, but the function is relatively weak.

Everyone knows that the fetus can absorb oxygen and nutrients by the umbilical cord and placenta to ensure the development of the body.The fetus will also be hungry, but he can’t cry as he is crying as he is born. What will he do in the pregnant belly?

When she was a small candy, she finally had a long -awaited four -dimensional four -dimensional. The daughter not only showed her face very powerful, but also posted a cute look.

When I was nervous about the health of my daughter, the doctor smiled and pointed at the screen of the instrument: "Look, the little guy sucks his fingers, it’s great!".

The sugar dad looked at this scene and was sprouting. Asked whether the doctor was playing, the doctor said that he might be playing or hungry.Sometimes pregnant women can not eat in order to check, or come out of the house too early and not eat well, and the fetus will follow the hungry stomach and can only eat her hands.

In the end, my dad and I chose my daughter to eat the image of my fingers, engraved the CD -ROM as a memorial, and came out from time to time, lamenting that her daughter was the same as when she was born.

The feelings of fetal treasure are closely related to the mother, but across the belly, we can’t see what the fetus is doing except for the birth check.This time, let’s take a look at the reaction when the fetus is hungry.

★ Terry will swallow amniotic fluid when you are hungry

The fetus will swallow the amniotic fluid as early as 16 weeks, but it will start frequently in about 4 to 5 months, and when you are hungry, you will also relieve it by swallowing amniotic fluid.

Although the fetal treasure’s "eating and drinking Lazar" is completed in the pregnant belly, the purity of amniotic fluid will not cause harm to the fetus in most cases.This process, exercise your ability.

★ Sucking your fingers to get psychological comfort

The baby does not eat fingers after birth. The little guy already has the ability to suck in the mother’s belly. When boring, hunger or fear, eating fingers can bring a certain soothing effect to the baby.

However, sucking his fingers when he is hungry does not allow him to fill his stomach, and he can only temporarily relieve psychological needs. Therefore, when the fetal treasure is really hungry, he will also remind his mother in some ways.

★ When the fetal treasure is hungry, I will remind my mother

The birth of life is amazing, and the fetus and expectant mothers are influenced each other, so the expectant mothers can feel when the fetal treasure is hungry.

When the expectant mother always feels hungry, most of the treasures are also hungry together.The nutrients consumed by pregnant women will be absorbed by the fetus. When the mother is hungry, it means that the energy and nutrients stored in the body are about to be exhausted. The fetus does not have nutrition to absorb. Hunger is equivalent to the signal passed by the fetus to the mother.

In addition, the fetus will feel uncomfortable. In the absence of external voices and expectant mothers, if you feel frequent fetal movements, if you feel frequent fetal movements, or normal strength of fetal movementsThe signal.

First of all, expectant mothers should not think that hungry during pregnancy is a trivial matter

This is not only related to your own feelings, it may increase stomach pain, but also cause malnutrition and hypoglycemia.As a result, he is weak after pregnancy and production.

Secondly, the development of the fetal body brain and other development

Studies have shown that from the moment of embryonic development, if you fail to absorb sufficient nutrition, your body and brain development will be backward, and the number of brain cells is less than nutritious fetus.

Finally, it will also affect the baby’s face value

If the expectant mother always makes herself and fetal treasure hungry during pregnancy, the face value of the fetus will also be affected.Although the face value of the fetus will be inherited from the parents, they always feel hungry and even reaches malnutrition. The baby’s skin is relatively dim, the hair is thinner, and the eyes are not bright.

Mother Candy Mom said in my heart:

Specific mothers should not be overeating during pregnancy. They should follow the model of eating less meals to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients such as iron, calcium, and protein, which is good for themselves and the fetus.

[Topic today] Do you have the above experience during pregnancy?

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