What particularly strange dreams do you ever had?Netizen: Every time I hide in and escape

What particularly strange dreams do you ever had?Netizen: Every time I hide in and escape

Netizen 1: One night has a fever, the headache is powerful, the brain is buzzing, a special loneliness and helplessness, crying and crying. After falling asleep, I dreamed of my uncle.Courtyard, (I have never seen that place), I fell to sleep with the floor, and cooking them for food. When I got up the next morning, I fell back, and my head didn’t hurt.

Netizen 2: During my confinement, I dreamed that my cousin was pregnant and gave birth to a girl. I told her this dream that my cousin did not believe it.I am pregnant, and now I have given birth to a daughter. In confinement, I feel so incredible

Netizen 3: Three days in a row, a person I know on a boat, a boatman called me to board the boat, called me the name and called me on board. I thought about it.I told my brother behind me, and my brother had never dreamed of these after helping me burn incense.

Netizen 4: One year before the Chinese Yuan Festival suddenly cools down, I dreamed that my death grandmother said that she was cold. I went to burn cold clothes for her the next night.It’s warm and she likes her pretty

Netizen 5: Don’t believe in the world, some dreams are real, but at the time I didn’t know, I just thought he was just a dream … I am now a letter, some things are hard to say …

Netizen 6: I dreamed of fighting zombies, met ghosts, married, love, aliens invaded the earth, a group of big fish crossed the river, could fly, crazy climbing steep slopes, it was too tired, I do n’t know why my dream is better thanOthers are still strange, is it the existence of parallel time and space

Netizen 7: During the Year of the Snake, dreamed of sitting on a small carriage full of flowers (husband and colleague had a dream, and his buddy told him how your son was woke up.Dream, we all agreed that the stomach must be a daughter, but the result is really a daughter (a horse)

Netizen 8: When I was a kid, my grandmother dreamed that she was standing at the intersection and watching me carrying a schoolbag to school. I never returned. At 12 o’clock the next day, I used a straw at the intersection to pierce a small dummy (I do n’t know if I clamped it.My clothes are still hair, forgot), burned with yellow paper money, saying that it was burned away, so I won’t come back again in the future, afraid to come back to me.

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