What other ways to help determine that you are pregnant?

Auxiliary examination method for pregnancy diagnosis

1. Pregnancy test (that is, the pregnancy test stick) 10 days after menopause can be measured.HCG has high specificity for diagnosis of pregnancy, and is rare in false positives.

2. Ultrasonic examination is the gold standard for determining intrauterine pregnancy.

(1) Type B ultrasonic examination: It is a way to diagnose pregnancy quickly and accurately.At the earliest menopause of the type B of the B ultrasonic, the circular or oval pregnancy sac was seen in the uterine cavity in the uterine cavity

At the 6 weeks of menopause, when you see germ and primitive heart tube beating, color Doppler ultrasound can see the fetal heart area of the fetal heart area can be diagnosed as early pregnancy and live tires.

2) Ultrasonic Doppler method: Use ultrasonic Doppler ritual inspection. At the earliest menopause weekend, when you hear a rhythmic and high -profile fetal heart sound, you can be diagnosed as early pregnancy and live birth

3. After the cervical mucus examination, after pregnancy, the progesterone in pregnant women’s body continues to rise, the secretion of cervical mucus reduces viscosity, and it is easy to break

The coating examination is seen in the bean -shaped ellipsoid crystals arranged. This result is found in the luteal period and can also be seen in the pregnancy period.

If you observe dynamically, you will continue to see the ellipse, indicating pregnancy.

4. Basic body temperature (BBT) determination

The basal body temperature is double -phase, indicating ovulation ovulation. The basic body temperature high temperature is generally about 14 days. If the high temperature phase does not decrease for 18 days, the possibility of early pregnancy is high;

High temperature phase does not decrease for more than 3 weeks, and the possibility of early pregnancy is greater

The fetal heart sound is detected with the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman with the Doppler fetal heart. It is generally listened to the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman from 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy from 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy.

5. Ultrasonic examination B ultrasonic can display tire orientation, fetal heart beating, number of fetal numbers, placenta positions and grades, amniotic fluid amount, etc., and can also measure multiple diameter lines such as double diameter and femoral length of the fetal head.At 14 weeks of pregnancy, measured the length of the fetal head and hip can be more accurately estimated to the gestational week, and the correction due date;

6. 9 to 14 weeks of pregnancy can be screened to detect malformation without brain;

Color Doppler ultrasound can detect the blood flow speed waveforms of uterine arteries, umbilical arteries, and fetal arteries to evaluate the risk of pre -eclampsia, the blood flow of the placenta, and the degree of fetal anemia.

7. Fetal ECG is currently used in indirect method. After 20 weeks of pregnancy, the success rate is high and it is not commonly used.

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