What kind of seasoning can’t be eaten when you are pregnant?

The diet of pregnant mothers after pregnancy is very important. The dietary habits of ordinary family members will change with the pregnant mother.In addition to the taste of the sudden imagination of pregnant mothers, the nutrition of three meals a day must be followed. Some things that can be eaten and not eaten must be kept in mind.

In the early pregnancy, the general conventional seasonings can be eaten, such as salt, soy sauce, green onion ginger, garlic, tomato sauce, pepper and pepper, etc., but you cannot eat too much.Octagonal, etc., it is recommended to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits during pregnancy, foods rich in high -quality protein, and foods rich in crude fiber.

Seasoning products include traditional condiments, such as spices, salt, soy sauce, and its products, such as chicken essence, salad sauce, tomato sauce, etc.When eating the finished products of the food, carefully read its ingredients. It is better to use preservatives and pigments.The role of condiments is to add flavor and incense.The general condiment adds different aromas while adding the taste of the dishes, such as soy sauce, vinegar, rice wine, and bean paste.Compounds.

Do not eat cold or spicy food, if it is just seasoning, because it is relatively small, it will not affect anything.As long as it does not cause contractions, there are generally no problems.Early hawthorn cannot be eaten. Hawthorn can promote uterine contraction, easily cause miscarriage, and crabs cannot eat cold.Folic acid needs to be taken in the first three months of pregnancy to prevent neural tube malformation.If the pregnancy reaction is serious, the diet needs to be lighter.

Different MSG and chicken essence: The main components of chicken essence and monosodium glutamate are sodium glutamate. After the combination of zinc in the blood, it is discharged from the urine. Too much monosodium glutamate consumes a lot of zinc, which is not conducive to the development of the fetal nervous system.Excessive vinegar: About half a month of pregnancy, a large amount of acidic food can reduce the alkali degree in the body, causing fatigue and weakness.Too much vinegar and acidic foods are one of the culprits that cause terators.The long -term acidic constitution not only causes the mother to suffer from certain diseases, the most important thing is to affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, and even cause fetal malformation.

Too much pepper: Pepper is not suitable for ordinary people to eat too much, and it is easy to get angry and cause constipation. For a pregnant woman, spicy food is easy to get angry and is not good for fetal development.If it belongs to the front placenta, it should be absolutely prohibited.Pepper stimulates the stomach and intestines, causes constipation, and accelerates blood flow.Excessive heat forbidden: Pregnant women should not eat too much heat seasoning, such as "cumin, beam, pepper, cinnamon, pepper, spiced powder" and other hot spices, as well as hot foods such as fried and friedIntestinal moisture, the gastrointestinal glandular secretion is reduced, causing constipation.

Salt is an indispensable seasoning for cooking, but too much salt is harmful to pregnant women and babies.Excessive salt intake can cause puffiness in the late stage of pregnant women. It can be seen that the ankle and calf skin are tight and bright, and the depression appears with the hand.Eating more salt will increase the edema of pregnant women; many pregnant women have edema in the late stage. It can be seen that the ankle and calf skin are tight and bright.This is because the endocrine changes in the pregnant woman can easily lead to water retention. At the same time, the increased uterus compress the lower limb veins, which blocks the blood flow back and the lower limbs are prone to edema.Women who usually eat salty should pay attention to the diet should not be too salty during pregnancy, especially not to put too much salt in the soup.The daily salt intake should be 2 to 5 grams.If you usually have a light mouth, you can just like your usual habits.If the lower limb swelling and even the hypertension syndrome of pregnancy, you must eat less salt according to your doctor’s advice.

Soy sauce contains 18%of salt. Pregnant women must calculate soy sauce when calculating the amount of salt.Soy sauce contains preservatives.Pregnant women do not need to avoid soy sauce, but the diet is light.

The nausea and vomiting of pregnant women usually occur in the first three months of pregnancy. People call it "morning vomiting", which is a normal pregnancy reaction.At this time, pregnant women can eat some ginger in an appropriate amount, and ginger is effective in alleviating the morning vomiting of pregnant women.When cooking soup, many families like to put a few pieces of ginger to taste fishy.However, ginger is highly irritating and can easily cause intestinal discomfort. Pregnant women should be alert to the daily intake of ginger.However, the appropriate amount of ginger can relieve early pregnancy. Therefore, when cooking, you can season with a small amount of ginger. Remember not to be too much.

Many pregnant mothers prefer sweets during pregnancy, but pregnant mothers cannot eat too much sweets, because the sweetness content of sweets is high, and the body of pregnant women does not need to take too much sugar.It is necessary. If the pregnant woman takes too much sugar, it will cause the sugar in the blood to be too high, which will eventually affect the growth and development of the fetus, and the fetal blood sugar is also increased. This will directly affect the health of the mother and the fetus itself.Fruits also contain high sugar, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to daily sugar intake.

Pregnant women’s appetite is often bad in the early stages of pregnancy, and the staying time of food in the stomach is relatively extended, so that the fetus has sufficient time to "drug test". Once aware of the toxic substances in the diet, they will pass very sensitive vomiting through very sensitive vomiting.The center "spit" suspicious things.Therefore, experts suggested that pregnant women do not have to vomit their vomiting. Instead, they should follow their natural, maintain optimism, and adjust their diet appropriately. By eating less meals to ensure dietary nutrition during pregnancy.

These are actually some of the spices that are usually necessary to cook. They can be put a little bit when cooking, but don’t put more.Light taste is the best.

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