What kind of department does it be on "dementia"?What to do?

If the memory decreases, the mental behavior is abnormal to go to the hospital to check whether it suffers from Alzheimer’s disease (commonly known as "dementia") and hang the "neurology" number.If there is a sub -professional clinic in neurology, the number of "memory clinics" can be hung.If patients with mild cognitive dysfunction and mild Alzheimer’s disease dementia (AD) need cognitive training, they can hang the "cognitive training clinic".

With the advancement of science and technology, my country has now been able to use various means for early screening.At present, the regular detection methods of hospitals include systemic cognitive evaluation, brain nuclear magnetic resonance examination, and select biomarkers check, genotype examination, fluorine-18 labeled dehydration of glucose-PET (18F-FDG-PET), single-light seeds based on the diseaseLaunch computer tomography (SPECT), etc.The detection methods at the current clinical research stage include plasma and cerebrospinal fluid biomarote detection. These testing methods have relatively mature technologies, which can be used in clinical fingers.

In view of the different medical conditions diagnosed by different regions in my country, early screening of AD must be screened at least for table screening. In addition to the treatment of drugs, AD risk factors, healthy lifestyle, cognitive training, etc. in the early patients The focus.Cognitive training can improve the overall cognitive function of healthy elderly and mild cognitive disorder.

On January 31, 2023, the two neurology Department of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital (First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang Medical College) opened the WeChat public account of "worrying AD and Careers".

Reminder: Do not worry about patients with AD or no AD patients at home, please do not add!

Remarks before joining: worry about the family members of AD patients or suffer from AD for a few years.

Author: Jiangxi Provincial People’s Hospital (First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang Medical College), two neurology, Qu Xinhui Zhu Xi

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