What is the use of cool things to make cool time, will it stimulate the belly?Look at the scientific explanation

Minamin has a poor constitution, and she is more careful after pregnancy. The medical examination is done on time, fearing that she and the fetus will have a little different pool.But every time you go to B -ultrasound, the doctor will apply a layer of sticky things on the belly of Minmin, cold, and Min Min is afraid of stimulating the fetus.What is this sticky thing, will it stimulate the mother’s belly?

I believe that many pregnant mothers have had this question. Today, Yun Yun will answer your professional knowledge:

This cool thing applied during pregnancy is called "coupling agent". It is a medical product composed of a new generation of water -based polymer gel.Its pH value is neutral, it is not greasy, not easy to dry, and it is moderate viscous, good lubrication, easy to develop, non -toxic and harmless to the human body, expectant mothers can rest assured.

Why do coupling agents need to be used during pregnancy?

When doing ultrasonic examination, the probe seems to fit the abdominal skin. In fact, there are air hindering the transmission of ultrasonic waves in the pregnant mother, which makes it difficult to obtain a clear image. The liquid conductive medium is needed to connect the probe to the patient’s body surface and coupleThe agent is this medium.

The coupling agent has a moderate viscosity, which can enrich the tiny gap between the probe and the skin, and prevent these air from affecting the imaging effect. It is a clearer image; secondlyFricate, make the probe sliding more flexible, and reduce the discomfort to the skin.

The coupling agent is also used by some beautiful women instead of expensive beauty instrument gels, which has a wide range of use, so expectant mothers don’t have to worry about harm to the fetus at all.

Will the B -ultrasound cause harm to the fetus?

The B -ultrasound can check the physical condition of the mother and fetus. It is one of the important ways of eugenics and eugenics. It is a very common means of examination and almost no harm to the fetus.Because you are not doing it every day, you don’t have to worry about it once a month.

The pregnancy test can be learned in time. Once abnormalities are encountered, it can be treated in time, which is very important for the healthy development of the fetus.Therefore, expectant mothers should not feel the trouble of pregnancy tests, and do not do it if you have to spend money. The physical examination on time is good for themselves and the fetus!

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