What is the uncomfortable stomach during pregnancy?

What is the uncomfortable stomach during pregnancy?

Author | Liu Dongyang Guangji Hospital International Obstetrics and Gynecology Center

"Dr. Liu, I’m 32 weeks now, but I always feel that my stomach is swollen several times a few times a day … Will it be premature?"

"Oh? When do you feel swelling? When do you feel a little loose? Is it left or right? Do you feel stomachache when you swell?"

"I didn’t pay attention!"

"Let’s say that, if you put your fart, or will it be better?"

"It seems to be better, sometimes it won’t …"

Therefore, Dr. Liu wants to tell you that you are quasi -Ma Ma: When you feel that there is any uncomfortable, you need to know more about what kind of discomfort is accompanied by, so that you can better help the doctor and you solve the problem.

Regarding the problems of abdominal distension during pregnancy, there are time from early pregnancy to late pregnancy. Although the performance is the same, it feels that the stomach is bloating, but the reasons may be different.Let’s take a look at the most common situation one by one:

Early pregnancy

1 Uterine adaptability increases

Some people think that the belly has flatulence, and thinks that they are indigestion. With the "nausea, vomiting, fatigue" of the early pregnancy reaction, they will also think that they have taken the wrong thing. Do you want to take some medicine to regulate the stomach?In fact, at this time, the process of uterus is increasing and expanding. This feeling will not be very violent, and it will not accompany the pain and falling feeling, but occasionally feel that the lower abdomen is a bit "supported".

2 round ligament pain

There are also more sensitive people who feel that the left or right signs a sudden pain, and it will end very quickly.This feeling is actually because the ligament (round ligament) in the position of the uterine position is also adapting to the adaptive changes in the process of uterine enlarged, which is a completely normal physiological phenomenon.

3 lower abdomen pain

If you feel that the lower abdomen in the lower abdomen is accompanied by the lower abdomen, just like the manifestation before menstruation, and even vaginal bleeding occurs, go to the hospital as soon as possible to eliminate whether there is a threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy.

4 continuous pain on one side

If you feel that the continuous abdominal distension or pain on one side is needed, you need to check the other problems of ectopic pregnancy or uterine attachment.

Mid -pregnancy

1 fetal movement

The new mother who is pregnant for the first time is in the middle of pregnancy.This wonderful feeling can only be said.It can only be said that it feels like a small fish touched lightly.Intestinal flatulence may increase or relieve as the posture changes.

2 uterine tightening

The situation of ligament adaptive pain in the middle of pregnancy was significantly relieved, but the sense of uterine tightening occurred from time to time.In fact, the physiological tightening of this uterine is normal. It is usually called Braxtonton Hicks. It can appear as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy, but it is not perceived by us. As the number of pregnancy weeks gradually increases, it is getting more and more obvious. Generally, it is just just just.Occasionally there are uterine tightening, but it will not be accompanied by obvious pain and falling feeling, and the frequency and strength occurred in large.

3 aura abortion

If the frequent and aggravated uterine tightening is continuous and aggravated, you must seek medical treatment. At any stage of pregnancy, spontaneous termination of pregnancy may occur.When the uterus is tightening, that is, when the lower abdomen swelling is becoming more and more obvious, you must go to the hospital to rule out whether it is a threatened abortion.

4 gastrointestinal discomfort

Some expectant mothers have decreased during pregnancy, slowing bowel movements, and more prone to constipation. Sometimes dry dung cumulatory accumulation can also easily cause flatulence and lower abdomen discomfort.Pay attention to increasing dietary fiber content to avoid constipation.

5 urinary system stones

The persistence discomfort on one side should consider whether there is a urinary system stones. This kind of pain is more severe and persistent. Urinary ultrasound is required.

6 appendicitis

If it is vomiting and diarrhea with pain in the right lower abdomen, be careful whether there is appendicitis.

Late pregnancy

1. Abdominal discomfort that occurs in the second trimester, and it can also occur in the third trimester.

2. Near the full moon, the frequency and intensity of uterine biological contractions may be strengthened, which is also the preparation for the uterus to launch contractions for natural delivery.If it happened 37 weeks ago, frequent contraction accompanied by abdominal pain and even seeing redness should be careful if there is a premature tendency.The contraction that happened 37 weeks later, pay close attention to the frequency of contractions, and decide to go to the hospital for delivery!

The various discomfort mentioned above may actually be accompanied by pregnancy in the early middle and late stages of pregnancy. If it continues and makes you obviously uncomfortable, you must seek medical treatment nearby.It is best to pay attention to the diet and bowel movement of your own meal, which can exclude common reasons.

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