What is the seizure of cervicitis?Reminder: 4 incentives, 3 therapies, women should understand

Cervicitis is a kind of inflammatory disease, which has a great impact on women’s reproductive organs.Many women do not know enough about cervicitis and have some unclear treatment and prevention. They usually know the cause of a disease, which is greatly helpful for treatment, and it is also very helpful for prevention.

So, what are the causes of cervicitis?

Cervicitis occurs at the inflammatory response at the cervix, clinically divided into acute cervicitis and chronic cervicitis.

Acute cervicitis is mainly edema, increased mucus secretion, and infection. Chronic cervicitis mainly includes cervical hypertrophy, polyps, and brushed in leucorrhea.

1. Flowing surgery

In life, some women do not care about their bodies. The self -cleaning and self -conscious consciousness may be relatively frequent, and contraceptive measures may not be done well.When the body is pregnant and has no ability and conditions to give birth to children, they will choose an abortion, and the abortion will damage the cervix. The pathogens invade the cervix, which will cause cervicitis.

2. There are foreign objects in the vagina

When some foreign bodies enter the women’s reproductive tract, such as gauze, cotton balls, hair, cotton wool damaged with sanitary napkins, these foreign bodies can cause female cervical infections and cause cervicitis.

3. Frequent sexual activities

In today’s life, sexual concepts are more open, and some women will have sexual life prematurely. For women’s bodies, they will cause cervix to be susceptible to infection. In addition, some women in sexual life, if they do not take contraceptive measures,It will increase a series of infections in women’s vagina and easily induce cervicitis.

4. Frequent vaginal cleaning

I usually pay attention to cleaning, but they also suffer from cervicitis. The reason may often use cleaning solution to clean the vagina, which not only causes damage to the balance of the fungus in the female body, but also causes endocrine disorders and induces cervicitis. ThereforeWhen cleaning the vagina, if there is no need to clean the liquid to clean, it is recommended to use warm water.

The occurrence of cervicitis seriously affects the body, work and life of female friends. Therefore, many female friends will ask: How to treat cervicitis?

1. Drug treatment

(1) Methods that can be washed vagina: Use 1,5 thousand potassium permanganate liquid to rinse the vagina before taking the medicine.

(2) Local medicine can be used to treat local drugs to treat cervicitis.

2. Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a method of widely used treatment of female cervicitis. It has the advantages of short treatment and good curative effect. It is suitable for severe inflammation and deep inflammation.Microwave treatment and so on.

3. Surgical treatment

For patients with deeper erosion, deeper erosion and nipples, or female cervicitis patients who have been cured with various treatment methods for a long time, cervical cones are considered.Methods may not be much useful.

In short, if you suffer from cervicitis, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination. The condition is relatively mild. After obeying the doctor’s instructions, take good care measures in various aspects to reduce the degree of disease and achieve cure.If the condition is serious, follow the doctor according to the specific situation, and treat the doctor as soon as possible.”Her Healthy House Happy “” Health “” Female Health”

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