What is the normal value of progesterone?In this scope, it means that the fetal growth and development environment is good

Before the placenta is formed, the hormone and nutrients required for fetal growth and development come from the secretion of the mother.Welon is the main progesterone secreted by ovarian activity.During women’s pregnancy, progesterone hormones can provide support and guarantee for early growth and development of the fetus, and can play a certain calm role in the uterus.

In addition, the relationship between progesterone and estrogen is inseparable, and it is an important hormone component in women.If the progesterone value is very low in the early pregnancy, it cannot provide sufficient nutrients for the fetus, resulting in natural miscarriage. This is why many doctors ask their mother to regularly check the progesterone during pregnancy.

Generally speaking, the average progesterone level of pregnant women is 25ng/ml (80.3nmol/L).Studies have shown that reducing the progesterone of pregnant women can lead to a threatened abortion and inevitable abortion (that is, inevitable abortion, usually by stems, but more vaginal bleeding, more severe paroxysmal abdominal pain or vaginal water).Clinically, the progesterone value is (> 25NG/ml), which is normal, and the progesterone value is 15-25ng/ml. It indicates that there is insufficient progesterone function, the treatment of progesterone is required, and the success rate is high.In addition, the progesterone value is meaningless than 15ng/ml, and it is necessary to terminate pregnancy as soon as possible.

The value of progesterone is in a normal range, which means that the growth and development environment of the fetus is very good.In general, the risk of abortion or fetal death will be greatly reduced.If the level of progesterone is low, it has always been lower than 20NG/ml. It is recommended that pregnant women inject progesterone injections or oral progesterone tablets, and then regularly draw blood to review progesterone.

If women continue to be low, they can cause infertility, thyroid dysfunction, breast fibrous cystic change, obesity, hypoglycemia, emotional excitement, irregular menstrual cycle, menstrual blood clot, magnesium deficiency, vaginal dryness, breast swelling and pain, etc.symptom.After women’s pregnancy, low progesterone may have signs of signs of abortion such as abdominal pain, redness and swelling.If the above symptoms are not found, you can supplement natural progesterone with the advice of the doctor, eat more foods such as progesterone (progesterone), and cannot be obtained in the food alone, because the progesterone in the food is very low.

The decrease in progesterone is mostly related to factors such as threatened abortion, ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, amenorrhea, and infertility, which will directly lead to low progesterone.If the endogenous hormone of the mother is insufficient, the embryo will stop developing.In addition, if the luteal function is incomplete and ovarian luteal is not fully developed, the progesterone content will be reduced accordingly, and progesterone will be lower than healthy women.

In short, if the progesterone content is low, you need to supplement or take some luteum tablets, and you can eat more ketone -rich foods such as corn and soybeans.However, the level of pregnant women’s progesterone does not fully reflect the quality of fetal development, and the value of progesterone fluctuates in early pregnancy.In addition, the state of the fetus cannot be determined by changes in progesterone values.

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