What is the little white point on the child’s teeth?

One of the reasons I was weaned by wine was that the little white point on his teeth made me worry. With some other reasons, I decided to wean him.

What is the little white point on the baby’s teeth?I did some homework.

First of all, it is necessary to explain that the natural color of human teeth is not pearl white, and it will not be as white as the teeth of the stars, but it should be light yellow.But children’s deciduous teeth are whiter.Because:

If the teeth are cut off, its longitudinal cut surface has three layers of structures from the inside out, which are pulp, dental, and enamel.The enamel is translucent, and the dental nature is dark yellow or brownish yellow.

Image source: www.tuxedodental.ca

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the color of the teeth we see is not all the color of the tooth surface tooth, which is mainly the color of the dental nature displayed after the enamel.

In the early childhood, the teeth in children’s deciduous teeth are less in nature and shallow in color, so healthy deciduous teeth generally show milky white.

If the baby’s deciduous "small white dots" are whiter than the teeth itself, there may be two reasons: 1) Excessive good things: fluorine; 2) too much bad things.

Image source: reallifestyled.ca

1. Too much "good things": fluoride

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Too much fluorine may cause the white horizontal bars or small white spots on the teeth, which is actually a mild "fluoride".

But don’t worry too much, this white dot is not actually dangerous, mild fluoropia spots do not affect the aesthetics, moderate fluorosetles are usually more white places, and severe fluorotic spots are now relatively rare.(Frequently related to the water source and wrong use).

Normal deciduous teeth mild fluoride

Medium fluorotic dentition severe fluoroplastic teeth

Image source: healthychildren.org

The fluoride spots on the child’s teeth may take excessive fluorine in the process of teeth sprouting for a period of time.This situation often appears before the child is 8 years old.

The main method of prevention is to use excessive toothpaste when brushing your teeth.Whether we brush their teeth for our children or let the children brush their teeth by themselves, we must ensure that they do not use fluorine toothpaste and rinsing fluorous mouthwash.

Use rice grain toothpaste before three years old,

After 3 years old, use pea -sized toothpaste.

Image source: healthychildren.org

Fluoro can help children’s teeth harder and not easy to cavities.Fluoride is a good thing, but you must pay attention to reasonable dosage.

If the dentist confirms that this is the white dot on the baby’s teeth, it may allow you to temporarily use fluoride toothpaste for a while until you can ensure that the child’s intake is normal.

Second, too many bad things

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The more common reason is that the baby’s teeth may be in the early stage of tooth decay.For example, small wine, alas … When I am pregnant, I love to eat sweets. After giving birth to him, my sweet addiction fades.But this child has a special preference for sweet food since eating supplementary food.

Drink many times a day before weaning, I have to drink at first sight, and I have to drink 2 or 3 times at night.

There is also a bad habit of wine. I like to wrap the food in my mouth and not swallow it for a long time.For example, drinking milk, you have to grun a few times (if this situation cannot be corrected, you can consider drinking milk with a disposable straw).If you find that the child’s mouth is wrapped in food for a long time, you should quickly ask him to vomit.

Another possibility is that I did not insist on brushing his teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day: only once brushed, and often brushed "water" because of a toothbrush.Since I discovered the small white point on his teeth, I started to pay attention to various problems, including letting him spit out when the food was not swallowed, brushed him twice a day, and used a dental floss.

Although it is mentioned earlier, excessive fluoride may also cause small white spots, but appropriate amounts of fluorine can make the baby’s teeth stronger, more difficult to cavan, and can resist the erosion of bacteria -prevention of small white dots and tooth decay.

This kind of white spots caused by bacteria caused by stoma are prone to appear near the gums, because the gingival line is the most easy place to brush and not to be careful, and it is also the most likely to breed bacteria.

This white dot is more dangerous for the baby’s teeth health than the previous situation.It is because the translucent enamel on the surface of the teeth is eroded by bacteria. If it is left without any, it will continue to develop.

If it is just a small white point, it is still controllable.It can inhibit it further "diffusion" or aggravated and becoming tooth decay by improving oral hygiene habits.

The black arrow pointed out that the teeth were slightly glaze,

The red arrow pointed out the tooth decay.

Image source: carifree.com

If there is a small white point and take a child to see the dentist, the dentist will give suggestions according to the child’s age and specific situation. For example, if you do not use fluoride toothpaste, then quickly use fluoride toothpaste;Essence

This white dot can also be prevented.The most important way to prevent is to help children build a good oral hygiene habit:

After the baby’s teeth, the use of fluorine toothpaste, with a amount of rice size before the age of 3.

Brush your teeth twice a day;

You help your baby brush your teeth until your child is over 7 years old.

Choose toothbrushes suitable for the baby’s soft, small brush head.

In addition, we must also note that the bacteria that can lead to tooth decay (some bacteria can coexist with us) can be transmitted to the baby.So when we take care of the baby, be careful not to use the chopsticks/spoons we use, and then pinch the baby/pour food.It is best not to blow the baby’s food: help the baby blow cold.

It is also necessary to remind everyone that not all sugar is called "sugar".Readers said before that I brushed my children every day and did not give her sweets. Why is she still tooth decay?

You must know that our staple food, such as white rice, contains high starch, starch is a kind of sugar, and potato, which is also rich in starch.Therefore, pay attention to the balanced diet, and pay attention to the reasonable choice of children’s snacks, and pay attention to controlling sugar.

in conclusion

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If you find a small white point on your child’s teeth, don’t panic, but you have to make an appointment to dentist as soon as possible.Early discovery, responding early, can avoid further adversely affected tooth health.

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