What is the impact of radiation on the fetus?The question that has been confused for many years, I finally have the answer

The Chinese people pay attention to one word: too!After pregnancy, it is more particular. Coupled with the "seven mouths and eight tongues" of the seven aunts, the aunts of the seven aunts, the pregnancy is almost a special period of taboos.

From the perspective of radiation, whether it is a mother who is pregnant, during pregnancy, or breastfeeding, it will inevitably be stunned.After all, mobile phones, computers, hair dryers, rice cookers … are radiation everywhere in daily life, plus, "radiation will cause teratogenic" such a terrible remarks to help …

Moms were said to be moved!

As soon as I looked at the background message, I knew that this time the popular science was thorough and fast!

What is the radiation that is often hung by our mouths?

The essence of radiation is an electromagnetic wave, also known as electromagnetic radiation.All substances (including people) are composed of atoms and molecules. These atoms and molecules are constantly moving, which will produce electromagnetic fields.

The electromagnetic field can pass the electromagnetic wave outward. This electromagnetic wave is shot out of the material centered on, so it is called radiation.

Radiation is divided into ionizing radiation and non -electrode radiation.

① ionizing radiation

The atoms or electrons in the human cells leave them away, which can cause cell degeneration and seriously cause cell necrosis and cancer.

Explain to you, in fact, these harmful radiations are kicked by the important part of human cells (electrons in atoms and molecules), which has changed a lot of bad substances (positive charge ions and free radicals).After doing bad things (abducted DNA), there will be many bad endings (cell necrosis and cancer).

Like the X -rays, CT, radiotherapy, etc. we often mention, they are all ionizing radiation.

Seeing this, the hearts of the mothers have to be stunned. "It seems that the seven aunts and eight aunts are really right!" "Radiation really hurts the baby."

Slowly, don’t worry first!What can really cause harm is:


In the 2007 International Radiation Protection Commission, the organization or organs will not cause clinical functional damage and no danger in the range of the absorption dose below about 100mgy.

The dosage caused by ordinary X -ray and CT examinations is generally less than 100mgy.Moreover, when conducting relevant inspections, there will be specialized isolation clothes for professional protection, so you really don’t need to worry.

② Non -ionized radiation

It means that the energy is relatively low and does not cause the material atom or molecule to generate ionizing radiation.

It is not harmful to the human body, such as mobile phones, Wi-Fi, microwave oven, etc.

So there is no saying that "playing mobile phone can cause the baby’s deformity".However, mothers should also pay attention to rest. Don’t stay up late to play mobile phones. There is no adverse effect on mobile phone radiation, but "not good rest" will really affect the baby’s development.

Don’t play hooligan, please talk about radiation according to the dose

The "Diagnosis Imaging of pregnancy and lactation" released by the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology believes that the key factor of influence and risk of radiation on fetuses:

Filial age and ray dose!

We can see that the minimum influence dose threshold is: 50mgy, that is, the safety threshold is below 50mgy. Then see what we mentioned above, the radiation dose such as X -rays, CT in ionized radiation is far lower than the safety threshold.Essence

According to data from the US Radiation Association and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Association, the radius dosage of the fetal fetus in the abdomen is only 0.2 ~ 0.7mgy.

What about these "radiation" questions?

● If you are pregnant after filming, will the baby have a problem?

In the above, we have a detailed understanding of the influence threshold of the radiation. According to the dosage, the radiation volume of a film does not reach the risk threshold at all.

For the 0-4 weeks of pregnancy, the effect of radiation on the baby is either completely. If the B-ultrasound is found to be normal, it has no effect.

● Will the B -ultrasound have a bad impact on the baby?

B -ultrasound is not a radiation range, it is ultrasonic.

Everyone is worried that "it is fixed for a long time in a certain place, and the temperature of the part is rising to hurt the baby." This can also be explained with the "output power and dose premise".

The US Food and Drug Administration limits the average peak time of ultrasonic converters at 720 MW/square centimeters.Under this intensity, the theoretical temperature rise of the fetus may be as high as 2 ° C (3.6 ° F).However, any continuous temperature rise is extremely impossible.

The temperature that everyone is worried about, professionalism should be a thermal effect. If the sound waves are dense in a certain fixed place, and if they gather for a long time, there will be a thermal effect. When this thermal effect reaches a certain degree, it may have a bad effect on human tissues.Essence

In most of our birth checkups, doctors will strictly control the time. Generally, it will not be too long, and the correct configuration machines in the regular hospital will not cause any danger to the fetus.

● Frequent contacts with strong radiation, such as mobile phones, will it cause teratogenic?

In fact, after reading the article, the mother who holds this question is probably "cloudy and clear".

Then give you peace of mind: ① The radiation of the mobile phone is not strong.

● The computer and printing opportunities in the office will not affect the baby?

In the same way, computers, printers and mobile phones are non -ionized radiation. At the radiation level, they will not have any impact on the baby.

However, the printer really causes harm. It is "dust". During the operation of the printer, the dust particles in the ink cartridge and toner cartridge will blow out, especially in the continuous printing process. It is particularly easy to generate a lot of dust. These dusts are PM2.5 The small particles are also small.

The smaller the granules, the easier it is to invade into small blood vessels and tissue gaps, especially the respiratory tract and lungs.At the same time, these consumables may contain harmful chemical ingredients.

For a long time in such an environment, work or life will have adverse effects on the body of the pregnant mother and even the fetus.

In the background comments, many pregnant mothers say that their station is very close to the printer. We still recommend that pregnant mothers strive to replace a farther seat, and the office with printers should also ventilate more to avoid air dirty.

● The radiation of the security door is particularly large and is not good for pregnant women and fetuses?

No, no, everyone is wronged, and the security gate is mainly relied on the weak electromagnetic field to work. The voltage of normal output is very small and will not cause adverse effects on the human body or pregnant mothers and fetuses.

● Will CT affect breastfeeding?Will radiation pass through milk?

The radiation itself does not contain, and the radiation breast milk will not have radiation.In addition, the radiation of CT examination will not be higher than the safety threshold, so rest assured.

Moms, let’s always be at ease. Don’t listen to rumors and evidence -based medicine.

The harmful "radiation" we think in life does not cause any harm to the fetus. What we really need to pay attention to is what we usually don’t pay attention to: dust, noise, rest, emotional and other issues.

So mothers, don’t worry about it and disturbing. If you want to play with your mobile phone, you will play with you.

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