What is the fetus snoring in the mother’s belly?

In the middle and late pregnancy, expectant mothers often find that the abdomen has a short period of time, the movement range is not large, but there is a regular throbbing. This is the hiccup of the fetus.Babies are very common in the middle and late stages of development. Some babies snoring many times a day. Good luck mothers can also see fetal snoring when they are doing B -ultrasound.So is the baby’s snoring normally?What causes it?Let me introduce it in detail:

Reasons why fetal snoring: In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus needs to start to exercise the breathing of the lungs to adapt to the life after birth in the future.Always swallow the amniotic fluid so that the babies’ alveoli will continue to grow in amniotic fluid.

Between the fetal chest and abdominal cavity, there is a thick muscle membrane with a shape similar to a hat. It is called the diaphragm.After the nerve distribution and blood supply, when the inducer stimulation of hiccups is transmitted to the brain, the brain will issue nerve instructions to cause muscle contraction of the diaphragm muscle, so the baby snoring will appear!

Is the fetal hiccup normal?

It is normal for babies to snoring in the stomach. The lung function of the babies has not developed. It needs to practice the breathing of the lungs by swallowing amniotic fluid and snoring so that they can breathe normally in the external environment in the future.Method of your lung function.Generally, the babies practiced snoring in just a few minutes and then went to bed.

Form of fetal snoring

The time for babies to snoring is not fixed, it is possible to open the posture at any time and exercise lung function.The specific manifestation is that the babies will move regularly in the abdomen of expectant mothers. Once once every 2-3 seconds, the general exercise time is 2-5 minutes. Occasionally, it will be relatively long, up to 10-20 minutes.Snoring is always jumping, similar to a heartbeat, the careful expectant mothers can easily judge that different from the fetal movement.

Other benefits of fetal snoring

In addition to exercising the baby’s lung function, the fetal snoring can also help expectant mothers and prospective dads to monitor the baby’s fetal position.When the fetal position is the head position, the position of the baby’s snoring is generally on the left and right lower abdomen. If the expectant mother finds that the position of the beating is significantly rising, it means that the naughty baby’s fetal position is a bit incorrect, and you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to ask the doctor to correct it with professional methods.Similarly, you can also judge whether the baby’s position is righteous through the location of the snoring. For example, if the baby’s fetal position is horizontal or hip position, it is beating in the middle and upper abdomen.If the beating position drops significantly, it means that the baby may have returned to the normal position.


Because of the differences between expectant mothers and fetal individuals, the position of fetal beating is difficult to explain.

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