What is the fetal reaction of the fetus "stealing" ice cream during pregnancy?There are hidden concerns behind "Warm Meng Meng"

After pregnancy, expectant mothers have a lot of things that need to be taboo. Even in the hot summer, they are not allowed to eat ice cream by the elders. This is difficult for pregnant women.

Pregnant women eat two people to make up for one person. The metabolism is faster than ordinary people. In addition, the gestured belly that is gradually raised, and she feels more and more difficult.

At this time, the prospective mother who loves to shake is often unable to control her mouth and sneaks out to buy ice cream to eat. What should I do if "caught"?

I do n’t know why, Xiao Min (pseudonym) has especially liked to eat ice cream since pregnancy. I contain ice cream in my mouth, cool, slippery, and feel very comfortable.

Knowing that she usually had a good session on ice cream, her husband saw her very tightly, and she didn’t put any cold drinks in the refrigerator, and her husband quit ice cream with her.

Who knew that Xiaomin actually ran out to eat ice cream. She was "hidden" in a bunch of items in a bunch of items and ate it in a bunch of items.

This scene happened to be seen by the husband who had been thrown downstairs to throw garbage. When he saw his wife’s flashing eyes, he licked a few bites of ice cream, and the husband looked at the sky with a speechlessness, and felt helpless.

After the husband and wife went home, Xiaomin ate the remaining ice cream into his stomach, but he suddenly shook his stomach but suddenly shook.The husband thought it was the wife who was cold, but Xiaomin explained: "It is the baby being trembling."

It turned out that when I was eating ice cream, the little guy actually responded. I don’t know what the fetus was at this time. Xiaomin was a little worried, and immediately felt that the ice cream in his hand was not fragrant.

The baby’s baby then moved a few more times, and his movements were gentle.However, after this "captured" incident, Xiaomin no longer dared to steal ice cream.

First, the early pregnancy reaction is large, and many pregnant women will have nausea, pregnancy, and loss of appetite.They prefer to eat "cold food" than warm food.

In addition, after pregnancy, the hormones in the pregnant woman’s body will often feel uncomfortable with their throats, change "no taste" and other changes, and cold drinks can play a role in improving appetite to a certain extent.

Second, for many novice quasi -mothers, pregnancy will face dual changes in the body and psychology, and it will inevitably feel anxious. It contains a large amount of sugar ice cream and ice cream, which can help pregnant women to relieve stress and achieve the purpose of relaxing their physical and mental.Right.

After entering April of pregnancy, the taste and tactile sense of the fetus have been initially formed, and they will give corresponding feedback on the external stimulus.

My mother tasted delicious ice cream, and she was in a happy mood, and the fetus could feel the same in her mother’s belly.Sweets can bring happiness to a person, and the fetus will feel very happy.

Ice cream belongs to a cold drink. The fetus was originally staying in the uterus of the mother’s constant temperature. Suddenly, a "big cooling" came. They couldn’t help but "snoring". The specific performance was fetal movement.

In fact, the adaptability of the baby’s baby is also very strong. After a short cooling, they can quickly adapt to the mother’s dietary changes, but they have to pay attention to "degrees".

If the expectant mother eats ice cream without restraint, the baby is stimulated by the cold air, and the fetal movement may be abnormal, which will become very uncomfortable.Worry!

Occasionally, pregnant women will not have much impact on themselves and fetal baby, but if they eat special food, there will be greater hidden risks.

Ice cream, ice cream, etc. are all cold foods. Too much eating will increase the frequency of uterine contraction, affect blood circulation, and may even cause the fetus to develop slowly and produce low weight.

For those pregnant mothers who are weak and weak, don’t try it easily, so as not to cause diarrhea and abdominal pain, bringing greater trouble.

In addition, ice cream is a high -sugar food. Even if the fetus does not respond, expectant mothers must stop.Eating high -sugar food for a long time will not be transformed in time, which will lead to an excessive weight of pregnant women and a series of problems that cause the health of maternal and infants.

Pay attention to heatstroke and cool down

In the summer, air conditioners can be turned on in the room. The temperature is more appropriate between 25 and 28 ° C. Do not blow directly at the air conditioner. Do not turn on the air conditioner all night. Pay attention to cover the abdomen with a blanket to avoid cold.

Pregnant women should avoid the "most poisonous" period of the day in the day and strengthen sun protection. It can be applied to pregnant women’s sunscreen, or it is a good choice to go out with a sun umbrella.

Keep cleaning

In summer, pregnant women sweat a lot. They should replenish water in time and pay attention to keeping their bodies clean. It is more suitable for showering during bathing instead of a bath. Take a bath for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. You can find your family to help.

In the scorching sun, the clothes of pregnant women are mainly wide and cool, and the sweat must be replaced in time for a lot of sweat to prevent heat stroke.

The diet is light, and the fruit will be reduced

In the summer season, the digestive function of pregnant women is weak, and the diet should be more regular. The food is easy to digest, light and nutritious, and should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish egg milk.

Family members can also do some soup soup such as chicken soup, shredded pork soup, shiitake mushroom soup, etc. for pregnant mothers, to help pregnant women supplement nutrition and can replenish water while getting two birds with one stone.

Sleep enough, sleep well

The summer is short and long, the temperature is high, the human body consumes a lot, and it is easy to feel fatigue, which is even more so for pregnant women.Ensure that sufficient sleep can relax the brain and the system of the body, which is also one of the tricks to prevent heat stroke.

Sugar mother’s heart: Entering hot summer pregnant mothers will be harder to hold their big belly, but no matter how hot, you can’t do it arbitrarily. It is necessary to consider your special circumstances and lay a good foundation for the development of the fetus.

For many novice treasure moms, the first time I became a mother, I do n’t know, I ca n’t protect myself, and how can I protect the children?At this time, a professional instruction of a major is particularly important.The new upgraded version of the Encyclopedia of Syls Pregnancy must be prepared for childbirth.

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