What is the dizziness of pregnant women?Beware, it may be a omen of the disease

Dizziness is very common during pregnancy, and there are many reasons for dizziness in pregnant women. It may be anemia, hypotension, or mental factor.Because pregnant women develop slowly during pregnancy, the blood capacity of pregnant women will decrease, resulting in insufficient brain blood supply after blood pressure decreases, they may dizzy, often dizzy, and dark eyes.

What is the dizziness of pregnant women?

1. Dizziness symptoms during pregnancy during pregnancy. If it is early, the level of blood sugar in the blood may change. If blood sugar is ups and downs, it will cause dizziness symptoms.The reaction takes some time to adapt.In addition, if the symptoms of dizziness are worse, you need to check it in time, otherwise it will gradually increase.

2. The main cause of dizziness during blood pressure during pregnancy. Generally, in the early middle and middle pregnancy, progesterone hormones usually lead to vascular dilation, leading to a decrease in blood pressure in pregnant women, and dizziness when standing for a long time or suddenly getting up.With the increase of pregnancy, a large amount of nutrients and blood should be provided in the body. At this time, the blood pressure will change and it is easy to dizzy.

3. In the later stages of pregnancy, because the fetus continues to increase, it is easy to squeeze the surrounding organs and blood vessels.This situation can cause blood pressure to change, feel dizziness and dizziness.If there are symptoms of hemorrhoids or varicose veins, you need to seek medical treatment in time, and you will have severe symptoms of dizziness.

4. Other special circumstances can also cause dizziness in pregnant women, such as gestational diabetes, primary diabetes, placental bleeding, ectopic pregnancy and other reasons.Therefore, pregnant women feel that it is best to go to the hospital for examination to avoid damage to the body, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus.

What should I do if pregnant women are dizzy?

1. Pregnant women need to be checked in time when dizziness appears. If there is no abnormality after examination, they can stabilize their mentality and keep their mentality relax.

2. If you are physiological dizziness, you can divert your attention, do something you like or interested, watch TV, watch magazines, etc.

3. In terms of diet, eat more, fresh vegetables and fruits, do not deliberately eat big fish and meat because of pregnancy, just pay attention to balanced nutrition.

4. In order to prevent dehydration, drink plenty of water during the day, and ensure at least six to seven hours of sleep every night.

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