What is the dizziness and headache during pregnancy?These situations should not be underestimated, don’t bear it again

Guidance expert: Chief Physician of Wen Jiying, the obstetric department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Miss Wang has been pregnant for 35 weeks. He has a headache intermittently in the past week. He began to think that it was caused by poor rest, but later found that headaches became more and more severe.If you are discomfort and other symptoms, you can go to the hospital to see it.

After the doctor’s examination, the headache of Miss Wang was related to high blood pressure. After medication, Miss Wang’s symptoms finally eased. The doctor said that if you deal with it later, you may threaten the safety of pregnant mothers and babies.

Dizziness and headache are a common symptom of discomfort during pregnancy. So what are the causes of pregnancy dizziness and headache?What should I do?

Dizziness and headaches in early pregnancy are mostly caused by hormone changes. Generally, no special medication is required

The change in hormone levels is an important cause of dizziness and headache. Women are prone to migraine during pregnancy, before and after menstruation, and menopause, which has a certain relationship with the fluctuation of hormone levels in the body.In the early pregnancy, due to the rise in estrogen and progesterone in the body, some pregnant mothers may have discomfort such as dizziness and headache, and some pregnant mothers may induce migraine due to poor pregnancy rest.

For this kind of headache caused by hormone changes or due to insufficient rest, there is generally no need to treat drugs. Pregnant mothers pay attention to adjust their schedules, relax, let yourself take a good rest, or go outdoors and walk out, breathe fresh air, take a fresh air., Or you can also rub the side of the town of the headache. Generally, the headache can be slowly relieved.

Due to the changes in hormones, the migraine may gradually relieve and disappear headaches in the middle of pregnancy.If the pain is severe, it will not be able to relieve it after the rest, and you can also use some drugs to control it appropriately under the guidance of the doctor.

In the middle and late pregnancy, you must pay attention to the screening of iron deficiency anemia when dizziness and headache

After pregnancy, the circulating blood capacity in expectant mothers began to increase from 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. By 32-34 weeks of pregnancy, the blood capacity increased by about 40-45%compared to before pregnancy. This level will always be maintained to childbirth.Due to the increased blood volume and the diluted blood, coupled with the increase in the demand for iron growth and development of fetal baby, pregnant mothers at this stage are prone to iron deficiency anemia.

When pregnant mothers have iron deficiency anemia, they will not only affect their own health, such as decreased resistance, increase the chances of various infections, and increase the risk of postpartum bleeding, etc., but also affect the baby’s growth and development, so that the babyLimited growth, even more serious, can even cause fetal distress, premature birth, dead tires, etc.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the screening of anemia during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating more iron-rich foods in their diet, such as lean meat, egg yolk, etc., and eat pork liver, pig blood, duck blood, duck blood, duck blood, duck blood, duck,Blood and other iron -rich foods. Once there are symptoms such as lip lips and nail mucosa, prone to fatigue, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, loss of appetite, and inadequate mental concentration, you should check whether there are anemia in time.Take an iron to correct anemia.

In early pregnancy, when blood pressure is low

In the early middle of pregnancy, due to the formation of the placenta, the blood pressure of pregnant mothers will decrease to a certain extent and low blood pressure. At this time, the blood flow flowing to the brain will also decrease, and the brain can cause dizziness due to insufficient blood supply.Therefore, in the middle of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the monitoring of blood pressure. At the same time, pay attention to eating more nutrients such as meat, eggs, milk and other nutritious foods during this period, and pay attention to appropriate outdoor exercises to improve low blood pressuresymptom.

Dizziness and headache during the third trimester, when performing with edema and elevated blood pressure, you should be vigilant

If dizziness occurs in the late pregnancy, when symptoms are accompanied by edema, increased blood pressure, increased urine foam, and cannot be eliminated for a long time, pregnant mothers should be vigilant.Edison in the epilepsy.

Earlampsticks are a type of pregnancy and hypertension. At present, the cause is not clear. It may be related to factors such as older pregnancy, multi -pregnancy pregnancy, obesity and other factors.Sudden swelling can cause symptoms such as severe headache and blurring vision.

It is very important for early discovery and early treatment. Pay attention to monitoring blood pressure and urine routine during pregnancy. Once the signs are found, they should be treated as soon as possible.Maternal safety.”””””

(Correspondent: Lin Huifang, Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital)

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