What is the difference between drinking milk or soy milk during pregnancy?Bao Ma who has given birth to a baby: The difference is really big

Milk and soy milk are common drinks in our daily life, which can supplement the body with multiple nutrients.Some people will ask, do women drink milk or soy milk after pregnancy?In fact, milk and soy milk are suitable for drinking during pregnancy, which will supplement different nutrients to the body.Let ’s take a look at what benefits do you drink milk and soy milk during pregnancy.

1. The benefits of drinking soy milk

1. Adjust the hormone in the body of pregnant mothers

During pregnancy, hormones in pregnant mothers will change greatly. The most obvious is the rise in estrogen and progesterone levels, which will promote the healthy development of the fetus.Soymilk contains natural estrogen, which can supplement the estrogen in the mother’s body, thereby improving the mother’s endocrine system and making endocrine balance.In addition, after pregnancy, some pregnant mothers’ skin will become poor. Frequent soy milk can also improve the mother’s skin condition, make the skin look more delicate and shiny, and look better.

2. Promote your baby’s brain development

Moms are very concerned about the development of the fetus, especially the brain development.Plant proteins and lecithin in soy milk are essential substances for fetal brain development.In the critical period of fetal brain development, mothers can drink more soy milk to promote the development of the fetus, so that he may be smarter after birth.In the north, soy milk fritters are very common breakfast, but it is best not to eat fritters for breakfast for pregnant mothers. The fritters are fried foods and are not good for fetal development. If they are in early pregnancy, too greasy foods can easily cause pregnancy.

Second, the benefits of drinking milk

1. Supplement calcium

I believe everyone has heard of "ten pregnant mothers and nine calcium deficiency", and calcium deficiency during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon.Because the calcium required for fetal development comes from the mother’s body, the calcium intake of a pregnant mother must be absorbed by two people, and the body is easy to deficient in calcium.When the pregnant mother’s body is deficient in calcium, symptoms such as loose teeth and calf cramps, the calcium elements in milk are rich. If the pregnant mother has the above situations, milk should be consumed frequently for calcium supplementation.

2. Improve sleep quality

Insomnia during pregnancy is also a condition that many mothers will encounter. It is difficult to fall asleep or often wake up at night affects the sleep quality of the pregnant mother. If the situation is serious, it will also affect fetal development.If the pregnant mother often insomnia, you can drink a glass of milk before going to bed. Milk has the effect of helping sleep, which can help improve the sleep quality of the pregnant mother.

In summary, milk and soy milk are good for pregnant mothers and fetal development. You can drink frequently during pregnancy. Soymilk is best to drink at breakfast time, and milk will be better to drink before going to bed.

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