What is the difference between a woman without vagina?What is the "stone girl"?

Xiaoli is a young and beautiful girl, but she has recently fallen into anxiety.

Xiaoli and her boyfriend are in love with her boyfriend, and they have entered the stage of talking about marriage, but when they first met her sex with her boyfriend, they couldn’t go on anyway. Xiaoli thought it was a boyfriend, so hurriedly hurriedGo to the hospital for examination with your boyfriend.

I did not expect that her boyfriend had no symptoms after examination. Instead, she had a problem. Xiaoli was a rare vagina without the vagina and no uterine patients.

The doctor’s answer made Xiaoli almost collapse. How could this disease happen well?Is he the legendary "stone girl"?

So what is the difference between women without vagina and normal women?What about Shi Nu?

No vagina is that there is no channel in a woman’s body that can connect the uterus and the outer mouth. Most women without vagina occur in the congenital development process, or deformities.

The emergence rate of this situation is relatively low, and very few women will cause vaginal symptoms due to malformations in the development process.

Normal vagina will have a passage of 8 ~ 10 cm, which will directly connect to the inner wall of the uterus from the vaginal opening.

If there is no vagina, the vaginal port cannot be connected to the uterus. These people cannot get pregnant through sexual life, so they cannot become the most troublesome issue for patients with no vaginal patients.

Some vagina -free patients want to open up the vagina and implant the uterus through surgery. The current medicine of the vagina can be realized, but it is obviously impossible to implant the uterus.

There are many technical problems in the transplantation of the uterus, and even the exclusiveness of the human body has become the main factor.

Most of the vagina -free patients are induced by the deficiencies of chromosomes, and several chromosomes will be combined before the fetus is formed.

If a chromosomes are lacking before forming, they will cause physiological distortion in the development process, and the chromosomal defect is caused by the physical reasons of the parents.

Because the parents had a physical condition in the same room, they were not ideal, and even some sperm or eggs in the body did not meet the needs of binding when the chromosome was discharged.

At this time, the fetus is developing when the fetus is developing, because the chromosomal is not sufficient to be organized into a single cell, which may cause the fetus to develop vaginal malformations in subsequent development.

Some of these patients have vagina in themselves, and they are unable to do menstruation and intercourse because the hymen forms atresia and intercourse.

In this case, the hymen can be cut open to make the channel unobstructed. The phenomenon caused by the other party because the other party is caused by the hymen atresia, which will make people think that it has no vaginal patients.

The simple description of the stone girl is the general term for patients with no vagina.

Shi Nu cannot have sex like a normal woman, and even because of the lack of vaginal.

In this case, most people call such patients as stone girls.

Many normal physiological behaviors do not exist for patients with no vagina.

So for normal women, what is the essential difference between vaginal patients with vaginal women?

The main difference between no vagina and vagina is that under normal physiological conditions, normal women are fixed every month.

Menstruation is a physiological phenomenon that discharge waste blood in the body. These blood will be discharged directly through the vagina. Patients without vagina can use the vagina to flow through the blood. However, patients with no vagina will also have abdominal pain like normal women.

It is a big problem for patients with no vagina. The vagina is directly connected to the uterine mouth. During the period of fertility, the vagina is the only channel for the sperm to the uterus.

Patients with no vagina are unable to do business with the other half, and there are no channels to combine two cells.

For women’s fertility, patients with no vagina may also exist with no uterus.

The uterus is a place for fetal cultivation. If there is no uterus, the fetus cannot be stored in the body for nurturing. Even if the baby is a test tube baby, the fetus cannot be placed in the mother’s body.

Normal women will have oval sacs at the uterus. There is no uterus and vagina without vaginal patients. There are ovarian sacs. This is not much different from the essence.

The same room is the most critical part of husband and wife. Patients with no vagina are unable to do business in the other half due to lack of vagina, which will undoubtedly cause a great blow to patients with no vagina.

Even most vaginal non -vaginal patients will cause great mental burden on this.

Most of the vaginal non -vagina patients can easily develop psychological diseases. After comparing with normal women, patients with no vagina will find that their physical structure is relatively different.Essence

Psychological diseases will gradually occur under various psychological burdens.

Patients with no vagina did not know the symptoms of their vagina early in the early days. Even after getting married, they knew that they had no vagina. It was obvious to know whether they had vagina to judge from menstruation.

Most of the vagina -free patients will not have menstruation from themselves. Even if this part of the patient has no menstruation, abdominal pain will cause abdominal pain.

Menstruation is formed by the endometrium falling off. Because these patients have no vagina, the endometrium cannot flow out of the body after the endometrium is falling off. The back pressure will form abdominal pain in the uterine cavity.

If you have not had menstrual symptoms for a long time, you need to go to the hospital for examination. Normal women will have menstruation every month. Therefore, this is one of the ways to judge that they have vagina.

Some women do not have menstruation even with vagina, which has a certain relationship with their physical condition.

For this part of the patient, if you want to judge whether you should be put in the endoscope, you can view it.After the endoscope is put into the lower body, you can visit all the situation of the lower body. As long as you can directly pass to the uterine mouth when you visit, then there is a vaginal existence.

In the process of visiting, you can obviously feel that some objects are blocked by some objects, and cannot even be explored to the uterine mouth, then there may be vaginal disorders.

This situation may be caused by the hymen atresia. Going to the hospital for examination can be more intuitive to see their own symptoms and treat them with symptomatic treatment.

Women’s regular inspections can also judge the physical characteristics of the body, and most women will not detect the private parts during regular inspections.

Some women pay more attention to the health of the private parts, so every time you check it regularly, you will check whether your private parts will be healthy. The inspection of the private parts can also know if there is a vulva in the body.

Generally, doctors are advised to take a CT diagram to judge the physical condition. The CT diagram can obviously reflect the various structures in the body, so as to detect whether women have vagina according to CT images.

What is more important for patients with no vaginal is to start treatment immediately and open up for women’s vaginal port.

1. Mechanical expansion

Mechanical expansion is to open up the vaginal port of vaginalless women by step -by -step ways. This surgical method is for patients with short shallow vaginal ports.

Patients in this part need to be opened to the uterine mouth directly to the uterine mouth, so they need to be opened normally through some special means.

First, the mechanical model will be implanted to the outside of the vaginal port. This machine will gradually deepen the length of the inside by expanding outward expansion.

Generally speaking, this model will be placed in an overcast when going to bed in the middle of the night. As long as it is taken out during the day, this model needs to be formulated by specific patients.

This expansion method requires a fixed time to go to the formulation to make maintenance to ensure that the vagina will slowly shrink back due to lack of expansion in life.

Compared with normal artificial surgery, there are relatively few side effects.

2. Artificial vagina

Artificial vaginal surgery is for patients who cannot use machinery to open up the vagina. This part of the patient needs to use surgery to open a channel in the private part.

Normal operation will be divided into two forms. The first form is for patients who exist in the uterus.

When using surgery, all blood in the uterine cavity needs to be drained.

Because patients with no vagina do not have menstrual phenomena, long -term accumulated congestion will be accumulated in the uterine cavity. The bloody stretch is excreted from the body by the method of drainage, and then the vagina is implanted in the vagina with the sigmoid colon.

This retention of the uterus was performed when women found that they had no vaginal mouth in the early days.

During this period of time, women have just come to the early tide. If the uterus has not fully developed at this time, it can ensure the integrity of the uterus, and it will not cause the uterus to lose its original role due to the long -term accumulation of menstrual blood accumulation.

If this operation is performed in the later period, it is necessary to remove the uterine that is formed.

Long -term measurio accumulation will pollute the environment in the uterus, which will cause the uterus to lose its normal cultivation effect. It also uses implanted surgery to allow patients to form a vagina in the body.

Compared with the first surgery, the second surgery can keep women’s vagina long for a long time, and will not even cause the vagina to shrink the vagina due to long -term without sexual life.

There are many ways to treat in the market for patients with no vaginal non -vagina. Most vaginal patients need to open up the vaginal outlet through the form of surgery, so as to implant a artificial vaginal port for women without vaginal patients.

For patients with no vagina, this is a congenital pathological defect. This situation can be effectively solved through surgery intervention.

This kind of condition has also brought great trouble to many contemporary women, and even some women have caused mental illness because they are no vaginal patients.

These situations can be adjusted through modern medicine. When you learn that you are a vagina -free patient, you do n’t need to worry too much. You can ensure a good mentality and living habits to improve physical quality.

In most cases, no vaginal symptoms will only affect women’s health in physiological health. There is no too much effect on other aspects. As long as normal life can continue, then there is no need to be too tangled to whether there is defects in the vagina.

Regular examinations every year are also a form of physical condition. For most women, vaginal health and psychological health are important factor.Therefore, women should also pay more attention to the health of their vagina, and they need to pay more attention to some issues of women in life.

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