What is the difference between a 38 -week fetus and 40 weeks?Don’t underestimate these days, the gap in three aspects will be very large

October in her pregnancy, once gave birth.Most babies were born in her mother’s belly for 40 weeks before they were born, but many babies were born in the 38th week.Is it really good to be born a few days ago?Is there any difference between a baby born at 38 weeks and a baby born at 40 weeks?

A mother in Bao Ma group shared her two friends Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhao’s experience: Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhao gave birth to a little baby, but Xiao Wang wanted to catch up with oneThe "good day" chose a cesarean section on the 38th week, and Xiao Zhao just had a baby at 6 o’clock in the morning of the 40th week.The two babies who were just born seemed the same, but it didn’t take long for Xiao Wang to regret the decision he had made.Once this Baoma and Xiao Wang accidentally talked about the baby’s baby’s physique was particularly good, and it was not easy to get sick. The first time she was born one year old, Xiao Wang hurriedly asked about the specific situation.It turned out that the baby’s baby began to have various small problems after two months of birth, and often became sick in subsequent growth.This is indeed the same. The difference between the baby’s 38 weeks and the birth of 40 weeks is very different.

When the fetus is in the stomach of the pregnant mother, the fastest period of development is the fastest. The fetus can grow every week in the pregnant mother’s belly.Materials that are helpful to the body to maintain the growth and development of the fetus themselves, so the children born from 38 weeks of pregnancy will be more lighter than those who are born 40 weeks.The baby who has a cesarean section in the work a few days in advance is thin and smaller.It is in just 14 days. The lack of nutrients that the baby lacks cannot make up for anything after birth.

Pregnant mothers should know that the lung development is the latest during the development of the fetus.Generally speaking, when the due date is only about 4 weeks, the lungs of the fetus have matured, but this is not absolute. There are also cases where the lungs of the fetus are still immature for more than 39 weeks.Most fetal lungs have only two weeks of development, so at this time, the fetus still needs to continue to practice their lung breathing by snoring.For babies who are born in advance, it is likely that the lung function is incomplete or not enough to exercise, which will affect the normal lung function.Therefore, relatively speaking, the baby’s lung function born in 38 weeks is relatively weak, and there will be more problems after birth.

During the 38th to 40th weeks of pregnancy, the fetal hair and fetal fats of the fetus have gradually begun to fall off and disappear. These substances and other secretions will be swallowed with the belly with amniotic fluid and stored in the intestine.The fetal stool was excreted from the body within one or two days after the little guy was born.Therefore, if the baby is born in the 38th week, then the body will have these substances that have not been dropped, and the baby born in the 40th week will basically fall off.These substances will not cause any negative effects on physical health.It just causes a certain negative effect on the baby’s appearance, but Baoma cannot be cleaned for the baby. Even if the baby is uncomfortable, it can only be stiff, because it is easy to hurt the baby’s skin, especially the baby’s head on the head of the baby’s head.Fat and fetal hair.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers who want to catch up with "good days" to prepare for 38 week cesarean section should not do this, because this can easily lead to weak physical resistance, and finally hope that each pregnant mother can be pregnant.

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