What is the difference between 20 yuan pregnancy test stick and 2 yuan pregnancy test paper?Preparation couples must be clear

"Preparation is like a process of dismantling the blind box"

Although we are conditioning our bodies during pregnancy, we are also working hard to ask for baby, so it is likely that the baby is here during pregnancy. So how do you know that you are not pregnant?Essence

When there are some problems with the body, women will feel different. At this time, we will go to the pharmacy to check the pregnancy test or test the pregnancy test paper. Because of the fear of the difference, it will generally go to the pharmacy.Buy all the products.

Because there are too many things to test pregnancy now, there are many types of pregnancy test sticks. There are various brands. Now the highest -end ones are electron displaying the pregnancy test stick.Display the results directly.

Of course, the price will also be very high, but everyone is not hesitant to test whether they are pregnant. After all, it is a big event. Everyone pays attention to whether it is accurate than paying attention to the price of this thing. Because the price of pregnancy test products is different, everyone is very very very very very very different, so everyone is very very very very very very very very different.What is the difference between these things?

Now you can see various types of pregnancy testing products everywhere in the pharmacy, and the price is very different. Generally, the price of normal pregnancy test sticks is about 20, and there are pregnancy test strips.It is cheap, only about 2 yuan.

So many people are struggling with these two things to test, but why are the price so big?Which is more accurate?Is it really more expensive, the better?Preparing for a pregnant husband and wife, this really needs to be taken good on.

Who is more accurate?

First of all, they are all sitting flat in terms of accuracy, because they are all pregnancy test products, and their principles are the same. Many people will question why the pregnancy test stick is so much more expensive than pregnancy test paper?

Then I can only say that it is because of the packaging, because the packaging of the pregnancy test stick is generally very good, independent packaging, it is also very convenient to pick up hands, so their cost is higher on the cost.The pregnancy test paper is generally very simple.

It’s just a thin piece of paper. The cost of packaging without a bleach is naturally low, so it is cheaper.

Secondly, the accurate pregnancy test stick and pregnancy test paper and electronic pregnancy test sticks are actually very different, because their principles are not different, but they have been working hard on it.Differences in the accuracy of pregnancy.

In addition, the most accurate method of pregnancy testing is to go to the hospital to take blood to verify. If you really do n’t believe that you do n’t believe that you do n’t believe that the pregnancy test paper is used, it is best to seek medical treatment in time.

In the end, the pregnancy test does not only rely on the pregnancy test stick and pregnancy test paper. The method and time status of your test will also affect your test accuracy.Your method and state depends on.

Some people use a 2 -dollar test strip than 20 pregnancy test sticks, so this varies from person to person.

1. Morning test is more accurate

We generally emphasize that testing is best to verify after getting up in the morning, because morning urine is the most accurate verification, because the concentration of HCG in our body when the pregnancy test paper is needed.

Because the higher the HCG content in our body, it means that we are pregnant, and if the concentration is very low, it will not be measured at all, so there is no pregnancy, and the concentration of HCG in our morning urine is the highest. At this time, the test is the test is the test.Accuracy is more accurate than other times.

Therefore, we generally recommend that you test in the morning instead of testing at noon and evening. Of course, if you are really pregnant and have a month or two, you can test it.

2. There is more urine amount

Then there are many people who do not want to go to the toilet when they are testing. In the end, a few drops are squeezed out. This is not enough to test the product. So it ’s better to wait for ourselves.Time is testing.

In this way, the amount of urine is more accurate, and it will fully contact the urine in a large area of the test strip. This will be more accurate, because the method of contacting urine in different pregnancy test products is different.

The pregnancy test strip is to soak in the urine, and the pregnancy test stick is generally only poured a little, but in order to prevent the amount of urine more reliable.

The red line of the pregnancy test stick is one deeper and shallow

The pregnancy test stick test is not 100 % accurate, and because of our practical method, or the pregnancy test stick and test strip is too long, this will cause the pregnancy test stick to expire.

And there is, when the concentration of HCG in our body in the early days of our pregnancy is not so high. At this time, pregnancy testing products can only show a very shallow and shallow double line.

Then at this time, we are better to seek medical treatment in time, and let the doctor take blood diagnosis. After all, it is early to know that early pregnancy can be kept early.

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