What is the cause of nosebleeds in pregnant mothers and how to prevent nosebleeds and how to prevent it?

After many pregnant mothers are pregnant, they will find that they become easy to nosebleeds.The pregnant mother is very puzzled. Before pregnancy, there is no problem in the nose, and there will be no symptoms of nosebleeds.Therefore, pregnant mothers are often worried about whether there is something wrong with the fetus.Pregnant mothers should not worry first. We must first understand the nosebleeds caused by what cause, and then apply the right medicine.

Causes of nosebleeds in pregnant mothers

1. After pregnancy, not only the level of estrogen in the pregnant mother is higher, but the blood capacity will also increase, but the blood vessels in the nose are thin and thin. They are affected by estrogen and blood capacity.Nosebleeds.

2. After the pregnant mother gets up in the morning, the position suddenly changes, which is also the cause of the pregnant mother’s nosebleeds.

3. After the female friend is pregnant, the holiday will not come for the time being, so it will change to nasal mucosa bleeding.

4. Lack of vitamin K.After pregnancy, if there is no enough vitamin K, it can also cause nosebleeds.Because of the lack of vitamin K, it will cause the pregnant mother’s coagulation disorders, and even affect the development of fetal vision and intelligence.

How do pregnant mothers prevent flowing nosebleeds?

1. Pay attention to protect the nose

Pregnant mothers usually try to avoid snoting nasal and digging nostrils with their hands. This can reduce the blood vessels of the nose to be damaged and avoid bleeding.

2. Adjust the diet

During pregnancy, you need to adjust the diet structure and eat more foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K.Vitamin C can promote the formation of collagen, keep the nasal cavity moist, so as not to cause bleeding due to too dry.Vitamin E can enhance the elasticity of the nasal blood vessels and make the nasal blood vessels not so easily burst.Supplementing vitamin K can increase the original coagonase and reduce coagulation disorders.

3. Avoid staying in a dry environment

If the environment of the pregnant mother is too dry, it is easy to cause blood vessel burst. Therefore, if the pregnant mother feels that the indoor environment is very dry, the humidifier can increase the humidity of the indoor environment through the humidifier.

When pregnant mothers have nosebleeds, don’t be too panic. Use the following methods to handle it yourself.

1. If there is only one side of the bleeding, you can press the front of the nose on the side of the bleeding with your fingers for 5-10 minutes, and you can basically stop bleeding.

2. If there are bleeding on both sides, two fingers are pressed.After the nasal blood stops, there are often blood clots in the nasal cavity, but remember not to use your fingers to avoid bleeding again.

3. If there is no hemostasis after pressing the nose, you can raise your head slightly, then apply a cold towel on your forehead, and pat your forehead gently with your hands, which can also achieve the purpose of hemostasis.

4. If the pregnant mother’s nosebleeds are serious and frequent, it is recommended that pregnant mothers go to the hospital to check the platelets to see if the platelet is caused by the reduction of platelets.

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