What is the blushing "gynecological examination"?What do you pay attention to?Comprehensive answer

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Sisi is a 20 -year -old female college student. She has always paid attention to her health, but whenever she thought of going to the hospital for gynecological examination, she felt very embarrassing and uncomfortable.However, in recent days, she felt a little uncomfortable in her lower abdomen, and she understood that she had to go to a doctor.

When Sisi entered the gynecological examination room of the hospital, she felt very nervous. The doctor explained to her friendly to explain the inspection process, but Sisi still felt very uncomfortable.The doctor began to ask her symptoms and medical history, and then asked her to take off her lower body clothes and put on a checked skirt provided by a hospital.

After Sisi took off his clothes, he felt that his face was hot. The doctor completed a series of examinations very professionally, including cervical coating, B -ultrasound, and so on.Although the process was a little embarrassed, Sisi understood that this was to protect her health. She was grateful to the doctor’s professionalism and patience.

In the end, the doctor told Sisi that she needed some treatment, and gave her some precautions and suggestions.Sisi was very emotional. She understood that her physical health needed to be protected by herself, and gynecological examination was also a very necessary examination.

Lie on the bed, take off your pants, open your legs, and let the strange white people explore your most secret parts. This is the most conventional step in gynecological examinations.But can you accept it?In any case, gynecological examinations are full of fear and confusion for every girl.

In addition to checking the embarrassment of itself, it is more afraid of others.When going to the hospital for gynecological examinations, the causes of physical discomfort will be different. There will be differences in the examination items. Before gynecological examination, the bladder needs to be emptied and the bladder stones are required to check the perineum.

Observe the development of the vulva and the number and distribution of pubic hair. There are deformed, dermatitis, ulcers, horsesy, or lumps. Pay attention to the color, pigmentation and texture of the skin and mucous membranes.

Separate the labia minora, expose the vaginal vestibus, observe the urethral opening and vaginal opening, and perform a pushing device examination.When using the vagina to check the vagina and cervix, pay attention to the structural characteristics of the vaginal pheasant.

After observing the vulva, the vaginal and cervix need to be checked. The specific operation method is to use the vaginal dilatator to expand the vagina, check the vaginal mucosa and cervix, and see if there is swelling and inflammation.Then use a cotton swab to get the secretion to test it to determine whether the leucorrhea is abnormal.

Before the inspection, do a good job of personal cleaning and disinfection, mainly to observe the appearance and development of the vulva.If there is no lesion of the vulva, the vagina needs to be used to open the vagina to observe endocrine and vaginal walls.

1. Forbidden husband and wife life

The day before the gynecological examination, the life of husband and wife should be prohibited, because sex life not only affects the vaginal environment.Moreover, the residual semen will be mixed in the slicing specimen taken by it, confuse some abnormal cells, and affect the test results.

2. Don’t over -clean the private parts

Do not over -clean the private parts, avoid excessive cleaning while paying attention to hygiene, so as to get accurate results during inspection.Some women do not pay attention to this problem. Checking the project involving private parts, they are afraid of embarrassment.

They may be thoroughly cleaned before the inspection. If you want to keep clean and hygienic, you will repeat the cleaning agent and shower gel for cleaning. These behaviors are not possible.

3. Choose the right time

The best time for gynecological examinations is 3-7 days after menstruation. If you have sex or 20 years old, it is recommended to do gynecological examinations once a year.Urine should be excreted during gynecological examinations and rest before medical examination.

4. Ethatenium examination

Many inspection items require patients to fast to ensure the accuracy of the test results, especially women. If they eat before testing, it may cause progesterone examination to be positive, that is, no pregnancy.However, because there was no empty inspection, there were signs of pregnancy.

Generally, if a gynecological examination is a routine gynecological examination, there are no special circumstances, and it will be performed once a year.Gynecological diseases usually include irregular menstruation, abnormal uterine bleeding and abdominal pain, and gynecological examinations should be performed at any time.

In addition, if there is a pathological condition, the frequency of gynecological examination needs to be more frequent, and related reviews need to be carried out according to different diseases.1. If there is an uterine fibroid, check it regularly.

Gynecological examinations are mainly to check the situation of uterus, ovaries, breasts and vagina, and prevent diseases such as tumors and inflammation.It is best to do gynecological examinations 3-7 days after menstruation, and do not have the same room 3 days before the examination. This will change the vaginal environment and affect the results of the examination.

If there are abnormalities, the gynecological examination time should be selected according to different cervical lesions.Gynecological examinations should be done once a year if there are routine gynecological examinations and there are no special circumstances. This is important for preventing physical diseases. It is recommended that women pay attention to it.

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