What is the baby’s baby doing when the mother has a baby during pregnancy?Many people don’t know

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have had birth dreams. Then do you know what the baby is doing when pregnant mothers dream?Some people think that mom is dreaming, and the fetal treasure must also dream. In fact, there are two answers:

Playing alone, adults wake up during the day and sleep at night, and the baby is the opposite of us.Therefore, some pregnant mothers feel that the fetal movement is more obvious after dinner.At this time, the baby is playing alone to make it difficult for pregnant mothers to fall asleep.

The baby is also dreaming. They all say that the mother and child are connected, and the emotions of the pregnant mother will affect the baby.Therefore, when the pregnant mother turns over and over, it is difficult to fall asleep, and the baby will sleep unstoppable. He may also follow his mother to dream.

Why do you like to have a baby dream during pregnancy?

As the saying goes: I think about the day, and there is a dream at night.After pregnancy, with the huge changes in the shape of the body and the rapid growth of hormone secretion in the body, many pregnant mothers will become particularly sensitive. They are worried that their fetus will be abnormal?Guess whether you are pregnant with a boy or a girl?Sometimes due to the pressure of work or life, all these speculations make the spiritual nervousness that will make the pregnant mother become mentally nervous, and then when they fall asleep at night, these tense emotions continue to linger on them, and finally reflect in the dream, then they will react in the dream.A variety of fetal dreams were formed.

What are the dreams of fetal dreams?Come and see what netizens and mothers say!

@: I am pregnant with my two sons often dream of snakes. There are many snakes. I am most afraid of snakes, but I am not afraid at all.You can sell a lot of money!As a result, before the money was earned, the dream woke up.

@: I have been prepared for three years and did not conceive. Later, I dreamed of it. I dreamed that a girl looked at my arms and hugged him. As a result, I woke up. The next day, I gave it.My husband talked about my dream, did your husband say you hug him?I said I don’t know. At the beginning of the following year, the magpie was always shouted at my head at lunch. At that time, I still told my mother that there was a happy event in our family.They don’t squeak, I joked: If I have a good baby, I would like to have a baby.Just score with your own hand.As a result, I was really pregnant in the second month, so I was so happy.The child is now three years old, and he is really a daughter. It is good to think that the girl I dreamed at that time was going to hug me!

@小: The first child dreamed of a pond of water, and the white lotus was planted. It was so beautiful and beautiful. He reached out to pick it up, but was stopped.Knowing it was a baby dream, but unfortunately that baby could not be kept.

@: Children who have only been married for seven years of marriage have no eccentricity for themselves.One day dreamed of going to the temple, holding a newborn baby in his arms, a careful look at the stunned, exactly the same as the Guanyin Bodhisattva.Later, he dreamed that in a large lake, standing on a small boat, he was bitten by the python in the water.My colleague and I talked about my dream. They said: It’s not good, you are pregnant!I went home to buy test strips at night, and I was really pregnant.Then he called his husband. He returned from Shanghai overnight, and the next day my eyes were crying.Now that my daughter is thirteen years old, her grades have been very good. Thank you God for your care for me!

@: I dreamed three times when I dreamed in the middle of pregnancy. I ran from the living room to the bedroom.When I bought breakfast, I suddenly gave birth to a boy on the operating table when I bought breakfast.Born is really a boy!

@: Listen to my cousin and say that on the night of my birth, he dreamed of a golden phoenix on the big toon tree in my house. The next morning he ran to ask my grandma if he gave birth to a daughter?My grandma asked him curiously how he knew it. My cousin said, it was wonderful. This was often premised by my husband!

@: When I was pregnant, I couldn’t remember the specific month. I had to dream of a big black snake and climbed to my house.But I couldn’t get rid of it. Later, the big black snake was thrown directly by the second uncle, and then a white snake’s forehead was a little yellow, and the others were white. I climbed to my house. I was not afraid at all. I hugged.I cried and woke up … Now my daughter is 2 years old.

@: When I was pregnant, I dreamed, and dreamed that a pair of small stone lions suddenly appeared at the door of my house.In my dream, I am still thinking, such a small lion is so cute!As a result, I gave birth to a pair of twin daughters, and I felt so happy.

@: I am always unstable during pregnancy. Dreaming of my baby was born in three months. I remember very clear. I dreamed that he was born in five months. I asked him why you were so young.You can’t survive when you come out, he has never spoken.I said, do you want to be my child?He said, I said that I would send you back now, and you stay well after you go back.He said yes, and then I put him back into my stomach again. I wonder if this was communicating with my son?

@: When I was not married to my husband, I was pregnant. After getting married and pregnant, I made a dream. In the dream, I took a little boy and picked up a little girl on the road. The boy was a few years older than the girl.After I regret it, the one I was killed should be my brother, and I remembered that it was a very obedient child.

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