What is the age of women’s menopause?What will happen?Early understand and peace of mind

Xiaowen, 22 this year, has been upset recently.I often sweat inexplicably, and I can’t sleep at night, and the regular holiday becomes abnormal.

After going to the hospital for examination, the doctor found that Xiaowen’s ovaries were like women aged 40 or 50, and some ovaries have shrunk.Doctors said that these are generally prone to menopausal symptoms, and what happened to her may be premature ovarian failure!

In a good years at the age of 22, Xiaowen had menopausal symptoms. What is the premature ovarian failure of the doctor?Why is it so terrible?

For women, the health of the ovarian is very important. Once premature ovarian failure occurs, the premature ovary will have a great impact on the body and mind.

Because ovarian is a female gland, it is mainly responsible for secreting eggs and multiple hormones. The main functions are breeding of life and maintaining women’s menstrual cycles, secondary sexual characteristics, and participation in the metabolism of the body.

The number of ovulation ovulation for women is generally fixed. From the menstrual cycle after adolescence, it will be discharged from the menstrual cycle. It will be basically exhausted at the age of 50, and it has entered menopause.Premature ovarian failure means that women’s ovaries have occurred in advance, and amenorrhea appeared before the age of 40.

Clinically, there are three main diagnosis of premature ovarian failure. One is that the age is <40 years old, the second is the amenorrhea ≥6 months, and the third is more than one out of one month or more.It is considered premature ovarian.

Premature ovarian failure will bring a series of abnormal performance to women’s bodies. These are very common:

Infertility: Premature ovarian failure can cause normal ovulation, making women unable to discharge normal eggs or no ovulation, which will cause women to be unable to get pregnant normally.

Menopausal symptoms: Women who have menopausal symptoms will have skin relaxation, wrinkles, many wrinkles, dreams, dreams, night sweats, insomnia, and emotional abnormalities.

Menstrual abnormalities: Different menstrual abnormal menstruation is also different. Some may be amenorrhea, and some manifestations are disorders of menstrual cycle, and even menstruation will even come many times a month.

Immune diseases: There are many patients with premature ovarian failure clinically. They will be accompanied by two or more autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and thyroid diseases. Among them, thyroid diseases are the most common.

There are many reasons for premature ovarian failure, such as chromosomal abnormalities, immune damage, and infection, medical -derived factors, and certain special factors.

Specifically, about 10%of the premature ovarian failure clinical is caused by chromosomal/genetic defects, mostly caused by abnormalities in X chromosomes/quantity;

Some of them are because of the autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease/diabetes, which causes the body to attack the organs and induce premature ovarian failure;

In addition, HIV, chickenpox, and shingles virus infection may also cause ovarian functional recession;

Ovarian surgery, systemic chemotherapy, etc., there is also a chance to cause premature ovarian function; and some women have premature ovarian failure, such as smoking, drinking, malnutrition, staying up late, etc., which may increase the risk of premature ovarian failure.Essence

So, how can women prevent premature ovarian failure?

First of all, we must maintain good living habits in daily life, such as sufficient sleep, no smoking, alcohol, etc., so that the ovarian secretion can secrete sufficient steroid hormone, which is good for maintaining ovarian function;

Secondly, it is recommended that women do not sit for a long time. Sitting for a long time is not good for the qi and blood circulation of the whole body. Aerobic exercise such as fast walking, jogging, and walking can be performed appropriately every day;

Third, keep the body’s daily intake of sufficient nutritional elements, but to diet to lose weight and pick eaters;

Fourth, good emotions are also important for ovarian health. You must learn to control your emotions and release stress reasonably everyday. Do not be irritable.

Menopausal is a hurdle for women, and its arrival means that the life of women has entered a new stage.Due to the decline of ovarian function at this stage, female estrogen secretion in the body is reduced, which then allows the body to appear symptoms of discomfort such as irregular menstruation, hot and night sweats, and insomnia.

According to existing data, in general, women’s menopause will come at 45 to 55 years old, and some female symptoms can continue to 2 to 3 years after menopause.In addition, the average menopause age of women in Chinese cities is 49.5 years old and rural women are 47.5 years.

If you want to better cope with menopausal discomfort, it is recommended to do these things well:

1. Diet health

Eat high -sugar food as little as possible.

2. Seek medical treatment in time

If the symptoms of discomfort on some women are more serious, it has affected normal life.Under the guidance of a doctor, you can perform proper hormone replenishment. This can alleviate discomfort, but the premise is under the guidance of the doctor.

3. Rule of schedule

Suffering of sufficient sleep can get enough organs to get enough rest, play a role in eliminating fatigue, regulating emotions, and enhancing immunity, and can also help relieve the discomfort on the body to a certain extent.

Menopausal is a stage where every woman needs to experience. There must be enough preparations to face it, and pay attention to adjusting the mentality in time.Some young women have symptoms of menopause, and it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

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