What is the abortion in the early pregnancy?Decryage the "abortion" keyword together!

"I am also a woman myself. After giving birth to my eldest son, I have been aborted 4 times in a row."Cecilia Cheung exposed abortion 4 times in a variety show a few days ago.Cecilia Cheung, who is born in the adult, looks good, why is there so many abortion?What causes the abortion status in the early pregnancy?

When Cecilia Cheung gave birth to the first son, he was 27 years old. When he was born with a second son, he was 30 years old.Except for the pregnant son’s conception in October, that is to say, Cecilia Cheung has four consecutive abortion in just two years.Here are the keywords of early pregnancy abortion: biochemical pregnancy, fetal stopping, ectopic pregnancy, and threatened abortion.

1. Biochemical pregnancy

You may not know that you have been pregnant.

Netizen "Shazi@网":

The last YJ is February 27th, and went to the hospital on March 31 to check the progesterone 66 and HCG45. The doctor said that it might be short, so the indicator was low. Suddenly, the stomach pain in the toilet on April 7 found brown blood.The local hospital was checked. As a result, I did not find the pregnancy sac by the B -ultrasound, and the urine test was also overcast.IntersectionAt night, the blood volume increased significantly, and there were still many small blood clots ~ I can only think that it may be wrong before, and now YJ is here!On April 8th, I went to Guangzhou to check the progesterone 2.1 and HCG21. The doctor said at a glance that it was biochemical!Let the B -ultrasound after a week!

Netizens "Good K":

But the quality is not good, the weakness is weak, and the body does not hurt the body. The doctor said that it would be a menstruation. If there was no measurement, I didn’t know it.

What is biochemical pregnancy?

Biochemical pregnancy generally occurs within the early 5 weeks of pregnancy, that is, sperm is already combined with eggs.But I did not go to bed in the uterus.Because sperm and eggs have been combined, HCG can be secreted, and it can be found to be pregnant by blood testing and urine testing.However, the value is generally low, and the response is not obvious. The early pregnancy test strip can only see the weak yang, and the strong yang cannot be tested.The B -ultrasound cannot see that there are pregnancy sacs in the uterus.

Generally, if it does not exceed 50 days, it will naturally abortion, and there are white fetal membranes flowing out.The process of this abortion is not too obvious, but for netizens who often have dysmenorrhea and blood clots.If you do n’t go to pregnancy before, you can get pregnant.This biochemical pregnancy is completely unaware of it, but it will feel that the menstruation is more painful.

However, there are occasional netizens who occasionally have a biochemical pregnancy. They do not have to worry too much. This situation is generally the survival of the fittest.The embryo with poor quality is automatically miscarriage. It does not need to perform surgery, nor affects the next pregnancy.

2. Tire stopping

Without fetal heart, the pregnancy sac will no longer grow up.It’s like the buried seeds stop germination.

Netizen "Doudou L":

The B -ultrasound showed 5 weeks, no fetal heart buds, two weeks ago, it also showed five weeks ago. There was no fetal heart with fetal buds. There has been no blood and abdominal pain, and appetite is good., I have been hitting progesterone, I don’t know why I stopped.

Netizen "Little Malbara":

Due to the insufficient luteal ketone, I ran to the hospital every day to get an injection to protect the fetus. 52 days of B -ultrasound showed that no yolk sac, no germ, and unintentional control were found. I don’t believe it. This kind of thing will happen to me. I still ask a doctor to ask a doctorContinue to protect the fetus and draw a blood test after two days: progesterone and velvet fur promoter gonadotropin (HCG), and constantly observe the development of the embryo, but each time the embryo value is reduced again and again.At 57 days, my last B -ultrasound was still: I did not find a yolk sac, no germ, and unintentional control. In the end, I had a painless abortion surgery …

What is fetal stopping?

Fetal stopping usually occurs in the early 5 weeks to 11 weeks of pregnancy. The baby has successfully settled in the uterus. The B -ultrasound can see the gestational sac.But the fetal sac has not grown up again, and the fetal heart stops or has no fetal heart.Normal fetal baby, after 6 weeks of early pregnancy, at the latest 8 weeks of B -ultrasound, you can see fetal heart beating, and fetal buds, and the fetal sac will grow slowly.But once the fetal stopping occurs, the baby’s baby has no signs of life.

If the fetal stopping can not be aborted naturally, there is generally need to pass the abortion through surgery.If it is only a chance to stop the fetus at a time, it can be regarded as the result of the survival of the fittest. The raising of expectant mothers will not affect the next pregnancy.However, if you are more than two times, you need to do related examinations to eliminate chromosomal abnormalities and closed antibodies.

3. Ectopic pregnancy

The baby stopped in the fallopian tube and did not enter the uterus.

Netizen "Pisces 404":

Blood has always been for more than ten days, and then stomachache. One day the painful bed rolled in the bed. The next day, I went to the hospital to check in the palace.

The clinical manifestations of ectopic pregnancy first have a history of menopause, and there is no obvious abnormalities in the early days. If the ectopic pregnancy sac is ruptured, there are only a small amount of vaginal bleeding in the early stage, constantly dripping, and slight abdominal pain.You can see the gestational sac in the palace, and then check the B -ultrasound. Then, the situation of the pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy in the palace is better to judge.

What is ectopic pregnancy?

After the sperm and egg are combined, you need to pass through the fallopian tube and enter the uterus to develop.Some sperm eggs did not enter the uterus for various reasons, but stopped in the fallopian tube.Sperm eggs continue to develop in the fallopian tube, and small fallopian tubes are easily broken, causing tubal rupture and bleeding, and a large amount of bleeding is easy to crisis the life of mothers.Therefore, ectopic pregnancy is the phenomenon of pregnancy during pregnancy.If there are abnormal abdominal pain in the early pregnancy, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

4. Breakfore abortion

Bleeding during pregnancy, paroxysmal abdominal pain.

Netizens "know a little” ":

I went to the hospital for examination in the morning. I just went to the hospital to bleed the same holiday.I immediately asked an expert to lined up and cried for a few hours.The doctor said that the signs of abortion quickly B -ultrasound and had a heartbeat.Later, I prescribed for 10 days to keep the fetal medicine and 10 pins.

Netizen "Su Yan 3D":

At 33 days, the aura abortion was found, and then the luteum capsule was eaten, but without bleeding, there was low progesterone.When doing a B -ultrasound for more than 50 days, I also said that the stems, the uterine cavity was bleeding, and then the ground musch tablets opened for me, 56 days to review, but there are brown things, accompanied by abdominal pain.Check HCG and progesterone in four times, and then a while of progesterone. The test results show that the data is normal. The doctor said that he had no bleeding.Then open a 10 -day progesterone tablet.

What is a threatened abortion?

Before 28 weeks of pregnancy, a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurred in 28 weeks of pregnancy, and then paroxysmal lower abdominal pain or low back pain, but now there is no bleeding, but if the progesterone value is low, or the B -ultrasound results show that the accumulation of the uterine cavity shows the accumulation of blood accumulation bloodEssenceDoctors generally recommend fetal preservation.

Most of the aura abortions can pass the medical treatment, the vaginal bleeding stops, the abdominal pain disappears, and the B -ultrasound confirms that the baby’s survival can continue this time.However, if there is still a study abroad after the fetus, and the HCG value has not risen, and the B -ultrasound has a bad embryo development, you must listen to the doctor’s opinion and terminate the pregnancy.

There are many abortion during pregnancy, and many pregnant mothers cannot be recognized in the early days.Don’t blindly guess yourself, medical treatment in time is the best way.At the same time, I believe that the baby’s vitality is very tenacious. Do not treat it negatively when you encounter difficulties. Healthy babies will always come.

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