What is going on during pregnancy?How can I relieve it?

Some pregnant mothers will privately let me say that I always feel that they are painful during pregnancy. Are they too sensitive?What else is it?

In fact, the fart pain during pregnancy is more common, and most of them are normal in most.Generally speaking, the fart pain during pregnancy is mainly caused by the following three reasons.

1. Sit for a long time

The most common cause of the pain of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is long -term fatigue and long -term sitting and causing hip muscle soreness.If the pregnant mother still stays in a job during pregnancy, and in most cases, the pain of farts often appears.

2. Hormone changes and fetal development during pregnancy

The loosening hormone secreted by the ovaries of pregnant mothers can cause skeletal muscle and joint ligament to relax, and the sacrum is unstable.As the fetal weight increases, the weight of the joints of the pelvis gradually increases, and it is more likely to have fart pain.

3. Some activities will cause pain to intensify

In some activities and sedentary, the pelvic tolerance increases, and the sacral joints will produce minor activities.These will exacerbate the pressure and pain of the sacrum.

Will this pain exist for a long time?Can it be good?

The pelvis generally returns to normal within 4 to 12 weeks after giving birth.Most women’s pain faded within one month after giving birth, and about 80% of women completely faded within 6 months after childbirth.Is it more assured?

How to relieve ass pain during pregnancy?

1. When the sacroiliac joint pain, you can wear a pelvic correction belt

The sacroiliac joint is the connection between the sacrum and the iliac bone.

The use of pelvic correction band can provide some support for the pelvic joints to improve the stability of the pelvic.When using the pelvis belt, it should be placed on the large rotor of the femur, that is, the bone of the bone on the outside of the hips, and stand up with your hands to touch it.

2. When fart pain, it is recommended to change the appropriate cushion

Using the right cushion can make yourself sit more comfortably.Pregnant mothers can buy a hollow cushion in the place where the middle tail crickets are in contact with the seat, also called the tailbone decompression pad.

3. Hot compress

Use a hot towel to apply on the pain of the sacrum or sacral joint.You can also take a hot bath, but do not exceed 20 minutes each time.Bathing water should not be too hot to avoid burning skin.

Hot compresses can improve local blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and reduce pain.

4. Reduce the cause of pain to induce pain

For example, sitting for a long time, load, long -term posture, fatigue and other related factors.You need to get up from time to time.

Under what circumstances need to go to the hospital for treatment?

1. The pelvis or waist has a clear trauma.

2. Evil pain cannot be relieved, or pain that is acute and unbearable.

3. In addition to fart pain, there is also symptoms of numbness or weakness in the legs. When you lie down or wake up, you can reduce it. Sitting or standing will appear again.

4. At the same time, it is accompanied by urination or unprepared defecation.

5. After a week of treatment at home, the pain still does not improve.

You need to go to the hospital quickly, don’t think it’s okay, but delay your illness!

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