What is folic acid?How should I eat pregnancy and pregnancy?

With the opening of our country’s two -child policy and a wave of baby, many families have entered the preparation model. It is undeniable that some of them are older women.Breeding a healthy life is the expectations and dreams of the entire family, but the age of age also means that the probability of abnormalities, abortion, and premature birth of the baby will increase.Whether you are preparing for pregnancy or women who are already pregnant, you should understand the knowledge of supplementing folic acid.

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin that often exists in green vegetables. Because it was extracted from the leaves in the early days, it was called "folic acid". The role of folic acid was used to synthesize red blood cells, norepinephinxins, and at the same timeHelp synthesize DNA and ensure the stability of the central system, so it is an important vitamin in the human body.

Folic acid is divided into natural and synthetic. Natural folic acid exists in our daily animal and plant foods, such as green vegetables, animals, liver, etc. There are many foods containing folic acid.Unstable and easy to oxidize, especially in the state of the sun or heating, so there are not many folic acid that people usually get from food.The synthetic folic acid is extracted from the liver of animal liver, which is more stable, and it is easy to be absorbed by the human body and has high utilization.Therefore, our pregnant women cannot only get folic acid in the usual diet, and we need to add additional synthetic folic acid.

According to studies, the main reason for fetal nerve tube deformity is the lack of folic acid in pregnant mothers. At the same time, the risk of deformity of other organs will also increase, such as eyes, lips, digestive tracts, urinary systems, skeletal muscles, etc. In addition, pregnant mothersLack of folic acid is also related to miscarriage, signs of eclampies, and premature placenta. Severe folic acid lack may also cause anemia and endanger the health of pregnant mothers and babies.Studies in the United States have shown that if women pay attention to supplementing folic acid in the early stages of pregnancy, the risk of baby lip cracking can be reduced.

Nervous malformations are severe developmental deformities, mainly include severe central nervous system development deformities such as brain deformed, spine bales, etc. Babies without brain deformities will generally abortion and die., Die early.Some babies with spinal spine can survive, but most of them will leave sequelae, such as paralysis of lower limbs, incontinence in the stool, urinary system infection, back pain, etc., affecting normal life.

Women can supplement folic acid during pregnancy, because the baby’s nerve tube develops in the early stage of pregnancy, so women are best to start supplementing folic acid during pregnancy to reduce the probability of babies’ neurotrants.The dietary guide for Chinese residents released in 2007 is mentioned in it that women with childbearing age should start from three months before pregnancy, replenish 400ug folic acid daily, and continue the entire pregnancy.

Although it is said that natural folic acid is extremely unstable, it can still increase the intake of folic acid foods in the diet. Folic acid -rich vegetables such as spinach, rape, cabbage, tomato, carrots, mushrooms, rich in folic acid, rich in folic acid, rich in folic acid.Fresh fruits, such as bananas, strawberries, lemon, bayberry, pomegranate, kiwi, grapes, animal foods rich in folic acid, such as animal liver, eggs, muscles, and folic acid -rich grains, such as barley, germ, and beans, and there are beansClass, nuts, etc.

As mentioned earlier, natural folic acid is unstable, it is easy to decompose when encountering light and heat, and losing activity. Therefore, using improper cooking methods will increase folic acid loss. If vegetables are stored for 3 days, folic acid will be lost by 50%.In this way, folic acid will be lost by 50-90%.Therefore, when the above foods are fresh as fresh as possible, when cooking, avoid the cooking method of cooking for a long time to enhance the intake of folic acid.

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