What is fetal heart?How long can I listen to fetal heart after pregnancy?

The fetal heart is the heartbeat of the fetus.The heart of the fetus is the earliest functional organs in the whole body, and the fetal heart sound can directly reflect the fetal condition.

How long does it take for fetal heart after pregnancy?

Three or four weeks after pregnancy, the heart of the fetus began to beat.At first, it was slower, only sixty or seventy times in one minute.At this time, the heart beating is very weak. When the B -ultrasound is checked, the fetal heart beating can be displayed from the B -ultrasound’s fluorescent screen.

After 8 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heartbeat can reach about 180 times per minute.After 14 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal heartbeat speed drops by about 140 times per minute, and it will remain at 120 to 160 times per minute.

At about four months of pregnancy, fetal heart sounds can be heard near the middle of the umbilicus. In the future, with the growth of the fetus and the different fetal position, the position of the fetal heart will change.Because the heart sound of the fetal heart is more out of the fetus, it can be heard most clearly at the back of the fetus.Can be listened to the middle line of the umbilical or under the abdomen of the umbilical.

The fetal heart sound should be different from the uterine arteries and placenta noise.The uterine arterial noise is a blow -like bass produced by the blood flow through the expansion of the uterine arteries. The placenta noise is produced by the blood flow when the placenta passs through the placenta.The scope of the placental noise is larger than the range of the arterial murmur.

How long can I listen to fetal heart after pregnancy?

Generally, the fetal heart can be heard at the abdomen at the abdomen.The fetal heart is 120-160 times/minute, and sometimes it is faster, and it is not regular. It is more regular in the end of pregnancy.Sometimes there will be a short stop jump, or the speed reaches 180 times/min, which is normal.However, if this phenomenon appears frequently and for a long time, you must seek medical treatment in time.

Normal expression of fetal heart

Normal fetal heart rules and powerful, like clock and watch dripping, 120-160 times/min, if <120 times/minute or> 160 times/min, can be repeated once in 10-20 minutes.It is prompted to have hypoxia in the fetus. If the heart rate of the fetus is in abnormal range and is accompanied by irregular fetal rhythm, the fetal hypoxia is more serious.

The expression of abnormal fetal heart

The normal heart rate of the fetus is between 120 times/minute to 160 times/min.The application of fetal heart monitors is relatively popular. When the fetal heart is protected, it is found that there are abnormal fetal heart graphics, which is often used to indicate abnormal fetal heart.

In most cases, the fetal heart is abnormal that it means that the fetus has hypoxia in the palace. The more severe the fetal heart is abnormal, and the heavier the fetal hypoxic hypoxia is often caused, but not all fetal heart abnormalities are caused by hypoxia.

In addition to the above situations, the situation of expectant mothers also affects changes in fetal heart. For example, the expectant mother has a fever, the fetal heart often exceeds 160 times/minute. The pregnant mother has hyperthyroidism.It also often exceeds 160 times/minute. If the pregnant mother takes some drugs, such as Shu Suining, which is taken during premature babies, or using Atto, can cause the mother’s heart rate to accelerate.

Fetal heart stop

Stopping the fetal heart is the symptoms of tire stopping and miscarriage.The occurrence of fetal stopping is related to genital tract infections, endocrine abnormalities, abnormal embryo chromosomes, adverse environments, and drug effects.It is very important to do a pre -pregnancy examination. The existence of these problems early and treated in time can effectively prevent the occurrence of fetal stopping.

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