What is caused by no fetal heart

As a woman, she will eventually get married and have children. Pregnancy is a process of women who must go through in their lives.Everyone knows that when I am pregnant, I need a lot of knowledge about pregnant women, and they need to do a checkup.However, if you find that you do n’t have a fetal heart after pregnancy, you must attract attention, and go to the hospital to check it.So, what is caused by no fetal heart? Let’s take a look below.

What is the cause of the fetus without fetal heart

1. Genetic genetic defects: such as the abnormalities of sperm or egg chromosomes, the chromosomal abnormalities in the husband and wife;factor.

2. Maternal factors: such as poor constitution or disease, incomplete cervical atresia, luteal dysfunction, endometriosis, immune factors and abnormal immune function, and abnormal development of the embryo itself.

3. Environmental factors: such as chemicals, high temperature, microwave, noise, radiation and other physical factors.

Other factors affecting fetal heart changes

1. Internal environment of pregnant women: Pregnant women themselves also affect changes in fetal hearts. For example, pregnant women have a fever, and fetal hearts often exceed 160 times/minute. Pregnant women have hyperthyroidism. Her heart rate is fast, and the fetal heart rate often exceeds 160In the second/min, if the pregnant woman takes some drugs, such as Shu Suining, which is taken during premature babies, or adapen, can cause the mother’s heart rate to speed up.Slow fetal heart rate may be caused by hypoxia in the fetus, but sometimes pregnant women take certain drugs, such as safety, the drug acts on the fetus through the placenta, causing the fetal heart rate to slow down.When the fetal heart rate continues to slow, pay attention to check the possibility of the fetus with congenital heart disease.

2. The nervous system of the fetus itself: After more than 40 weeks of pregnancy, due to the development of the nervous system of the fetus, the fetal heart can sometimes be less than 120/min.The correct judgment and treatment, if there is a fetal hypoxia, you should give birth early.

3. Stopping the fetal heart is the symptoms of fetal stopping and miscarriage.The occurrence of fetal stopping is related to genital tract infections, endocrine abnormalities, abnormal embryo chromosomes, adverse environments, and drug effects.It is very important to do a pre -pregnancy examination. The existence of these problems early and treated in time can effectively prevent the occurrence of fetal stopping.

Summary: To care for the baby experts, whether it is caused by the reason caused by that reason, it is necessary to check the causes in a timely manner and actively treat it to ensure that the next child is normal.

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